Pricing / About Us

Why are we offering $1,000 per square foot church stained glass art for just $80 per square foot?

Over the past 30 years we have been blessed with great success. You can see our work at five star resorts, casinos, fine hotels, the US Capitol, museums, US Embassies, cathedrals, etc. ...but we want to be not only successful, but significant. To leave a lasting legacy we have to give more than we get. So while we sell our stained glass artwork to hotels and resorts for up to $1,000 per square foot we are offering an amazing discount to churches and non-profits.

For those who call now we are offering custom stained glass art window inserts at $80 per square foot.

What are Stained Glass Art Inserts?

These are beautiful window inserts that install in minutes inside your existing window frames and transform them into beautiful works of sacred art. They are custom made with the artwork you select from our website and are custom sized to exactly fit your windows.

Still, are you "cutting any corners" to offer stained glass art at such a low price?

Absolutely not. These are made with the same premium quality materials we have used to produce art for some of the finest resorts, museums and hotels in the world. The artwork is second to none. They are lead free. And unlike any other stained glass, the panels are polymer laminated, similar to an airplane windshield, to make them safe and unbreakable.

In fact we offer a no risk, 100% money back guarantee on the artwork.

(And frankly, since these are offered so far below normal pricing, if you don't love them, we would rather keep them.)

You produce all your windows at your studio. Is this good?

We produce all our stained glass artwork window inserts here in the USA. When you contact us, you are dealing direct. No middle man to mark up prices or confuse the process. In addition, since we do our own production we don't have the delays caused by sending work out. You contact us with sizes and tell us the artwork you prefer. Our artists create a "full color proof" for your approval that shows exactly what you will receive. We typically deliver windows in 4-8 weeks from approvals, but more often than not they are ready in 3 or 4 weeks.

What if I want to have a donor or sponsor's name or dedication in each window?

We can add that, either in the stained glass or as a separate plaque. Call us or send the copy you want to include.

How long will this offer last?

Obviously we can't keep an offer like this open forever. You don't need to send any money now, and if you are raising funds or selecting artwork we will wait, but you do need to contact us and let us get your name on the list before the end of the year.