Sufferings Panel #3602

Bring inspiration to your church with this radiant stained glass window panel. A suffering Savior is portrayed in breathtaking stained glass, heart rending and inspiring the Christian soul. Vibrant, rich hues that cross the full spectrum of color and naturally varied textures bring to mind the stained glass art of the great European cathedrals. Crafted by master stained glass artists in the studios of Stained Glass, Inc., this work of stained glass art is a true masterpiece, destined to become a treasured part of church, chapel or cathedral, or as a distinctive accent for home or business decor. Reflecting and refracting rays of light in shifting shades throughout the day, this extraordinary stained glass window is exquisite. Classically applied as stained glass windows, the possibilities are endless for application of fine stained glass, including door and sidelight inserts, skylights and room dividers, hanging and wall art and furniture insets.

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

Need help paying for church stained glass? See our fundraising guide for effective solutions to any financial hurdle your church may be facing.

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