Tiffany Window of Christ and Cross Panel #15931

A visual journey through faith with a stained glass window design by Louis C Tiffany that unveils layers of profound symbolism. At its heart, the head of Christ gazes serenely, radiating compassion and divinity. Surrounding Him, a delicate floral wreath weaves blooms of significance, depicting the blossoming of grace amidst life's challenges.

A cross stands as a testament to sacrifice and salvation. Its lines intersect, representing the junction of suffering and redemption. Above the cross, a chalice captures the essence of communion—a vessel of unity, bearing the cup of Christ's sacrifice and the promise of eternal life.

As sunlight pours through, each element is illuminated, casting vibrant colors that dance upon the walls, filling the space with a sense of  reverence. This polymer stained glass tableau embodies the essence of faith, inviting contemplation of Christ's enduring love, the eternal hope of the cross, and the communion that binds believers together. It's a powerful embodiment of spirituality and beauty, enriching your sacred space with transcendent significance.

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