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Adding Stained Glass to your Remodel or Renovation

When undergoing a remodel or renovation, many churches consider the addition of new stained glass windows. Whether replacing old stained glass or adding new stained glass for the first time, Stained Glass Inc. is the best choice. Stained Glass Inc. has provided stained glass for many church renovations and our staff is here to help along the way.

Stained Glass Inc. artists have the experience and the knowhow to create the perfect stained glass artwork for your renovation or remodel project. You have many options with Stained Glass Inc.; we offer the world's largest selection of designs as well as completely custom design services. You can trust our skilled experts to translate your design needs into reality, no matter how complex or difficult they might seem.

Stained Glass Inc. Makes Adding Stained Glass Easy

Whether you are adding windows to your structure or remodeling around existing windows, Stained Glass Inc. offers the perfect stained glass solution. All of our stained glass panels are custom made. Each individual artwork is made to your exact measurement specifications so they will fit your new or old windows perfectly.

However, the addition of windows is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of stained glass. At Stained Glass Inc. we offer LED backlit lighboxes. These lightboxes give the appearance of regular windows but use artificial light in place of sunlight. Lightboxes can save on renovation costs because they do not require the addition of new windows yet they provide the same look and feel of traditional stained glass.

Stained Glass Inc. Advantages

Our stained glass window inserts offer many benefits over traditional stained glass. Stained Glass Inc. window inserts are:

  • Strong, light, durable and shatter proof, with up to 200 times the impact strength of traditional stained glass
  • Highly fade resistant; heat infused mineral pigments will shine for generations
  • Safe and 100% lead free
  • A fraction of the cost of other stained glass windows
  • Quick and easy to install; inserts can be slipped in behind existing windows in mere seconds
  • Available in any shape or size; we make each window to your exact measurements

Use of Stained Glass Inc. inserts means that there is no need to replace or change your existing windows, saving you money on the overall renovation costs. Stained Glass Inc. window inserts also help improve building insulation and will help with cooling and heating costs once your remodel is complete.

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