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Enhance temples and synagogues with stunning stained glass.

A colorful stained glass panel featuring a menorah.Panel #2769

Stained Glass for Temples and Synagogues

Stained glass designs for temples and synagogues serve both a symbolic and practical role. They not only act as a focus for the faith of the Jewish worshiper but they also serve as a reminder of eternal truths. These spiritual designs in vivid stained glass will help lend beauty and textural warmth to any sacred place.

Stained Glass Inc. offers beautiful works of stained glass art in both modern and traditional styles. Our selection features images in a wide range of symbols and emblems that are characteristically Jewish. The menorah, the Hanukkah lamp, the Star of David, and many more can all be depicted in glorious stained glass.

A stained glass image featuring the Star of David and the word shalom. Panel #2782

Benefits of Choosing Stained Glass Inc.

  • Our attention to detail is top-notch
  • Our stained glass is 80 times stronger than regular stained glass
  • Our windows are affordable and easy to install
  • We offer customer service that is second to none

How to Get Started

If you are ready to get started creating spiritual stained glass for your temple and synagogue, call or email us today. You will speak with one of our talented design consultants who will work with you in creating the perfect piece of stained glass art.

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