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Hotel Stained Glass

A stained glass dome is made up of multiple panels that are displayed in the shape of a flower

Make a lasting impression on your guests by incorporating stunning stained glass designs into your resort or hotel decor. There are a variety of ways in which stained glass can be used in hotels, all of which are equally impressive and easy to install.

Amaze your guests with a breathtaking ceiling dome in the lobby of your hotel. This work of art is both dramatic and eye-catching and can be customized to match your hotel's existing decor. Additionally, you can customize your front desk with an intricate stained glass counter front, or really make a statement with a custom stained glass sign. With full customization available, you can have any image or text you want beautifully displayed in eclectic, highly dimensional stained glass.

But why should stained glass stop in your lobby? Continue impressing your guests all the way to their rooms by utilizing gorgeous stained glass window inserts in hallways, doors and other entry ways. You can even add a creative stained glass touch to each individual room with a customized stained glass light fixture.

A beautiful seaside bar with stained glass side and front panels

Benefits of Stained Glass in Hotels

  • Ability to be customized to match existing theme or decor
  • Visually appealing and impressive to guests
  • Easy to install and affordable
  • Attracts guests to important areas such as the front desk or the bar

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