Ecclesiastical Signage / Applications

Illuminate the signage of your church with beautiful stained glass artwork.

Stained Glass Ecclesiastical Signage

The signage for a church sends a greeting and an invitation to visitors and prospective guests to join the weekly celebration and worship service. Like a signature or a friendly handshake, every display has the potential to stand out with a unique logo, message, or image. Signage can be used to honor a specific religious founder or saint, display church offices, or identify different locations on a church campus. Our staff of expert designers and artisans at Stained Glass Inc. can custom design signage for your ecclesiastical organization that blends with the architectural motif in place. All of our signs can incorporate images and text, which is perfect for displaying a church logo, banner, or any other type of design that represents your church.

Benefits of Stained Glass Inc. Signage

  • We work with extremely adaptable materials that produce stunning results
  • Interior illumination available
  • Window signage in stained glass art
  • All stained glass signage is custom made to your exact specifications


Call us! We are here to help you create stained glass signage that will look stunning and attract attention.