Altar Furniture / Applications

Deepen your worship experience with our exquisitely handcrafted altar furniture.

Panel # 1013

Altar Furniture from Stained Glass Inc.

At Stained Glass Inc. we offer custom solutions to meet all of your altar furniture needs. With over thirty years of experience in manufacturing and designing ecclesiastical products, Stained Glass Inc. provides services and expertise in the construction of custom designed lecterns, altars, communion tables, crosses and pulpits. Let us enhance the interior beauty of your church and deepen your worship experience for years to come. We work in a range of products to ensure the best fit for your project.

Inside LED lighting can be provided to ensure that the stained glass shines with radiant beauty and color. Our LED lights provide 30,000 hours of light, meaning bulbs will very rarely have to be changed. The lights can easily be turned on and off with your choice of an on and off switch or by just plugging and unplugging a cord.

We can also design small fonts for baptism by aspersion, or large pools for baptism by immersion or submersion. In addition to stained glass art, our sister company, Stromberg Architectural Products, creates altars, pulpits and fonts in marble, granite, bronze, and fiber reinforced materials. Size and shape are custom designed per your request.

All altar furniture is custom made to your exact specifications, so it is unique to your place of worship. Our talented artisans will be happy to work with you to ensure that you get the stained glass altar piece of your dreams.

Beautiful church pulpit with internally lit stained glass on the front panel is a beautiful addition to your church alter. Help your church to shine with the addition of stained glass in your furniture.Panel # 3970

Benefits of Stained Glass Inc. Altar Furniture

  • Unique and dramatic use of light
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • You can trust our skilled experts to translate your design needs into reality, no matter how complex or difficult they might seem
  • 100% custom made

Need Help?

We are here to assist you! Contact us today and one of our talented and knowledgeable artisans will be happy to answer any questions and help you get started on the stained glass altar furniture of your dreams.

A church pulpit with a stained glass cross on the front panel is a beautiful way to add color to your church alter.