Holy Chalice Arch Panel #15932

An arched stained glass transom that speaks to the essence of communion and transformation. At its heart, a graceful chalice stands as a vessel of unity, holding the sacred elixir of faith and grace. Surrounding it, clusters of vibrant grapes symbolize the abundance of spiritual nourishment, echoing Christ's words of sustenance and growth.
Sunlight filters through, infusing the chalice and grapes with an ethereal radiance, evoking a sense of reverence and awe.

This stained glass masterpiece not only adorns your sacred space with its exquisite artistry but also serves as a conduit for reflection. As you gaze upon the chalice and grapes, you're invited to contemplate the depth of spiritual communion and the transformative power of faith. A visual ode to unity and grace, this transom enriches your environment with a profound reminder of the sacred mysteries it represents.

Design can be customized to your window shape, size and space.  

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