St Anthony and the Christ Child Arched Transom and Medallion Panel #12547

St. Anthony holds the Christ Child in this lovely window. The central round medallion has the saint on a background of lilies. The lilies behind Anthony and the Christ Child symbolize purity, innocence and integrity. The arched window has stylized grapevines and floral design. St. Anthony wears a Franciscan habit. St. Anthony was a contemporary of St. Francis and was part of the Franciscans. Anthony was a great preacher and many say Anthony holding the Christ Child symbolizes his carrying the word made incarnate. If your church or home has a place for a St. Anthony stained glass window, this is one of the most beautiful there is. We can also customize the size and shape for you. 

  •          A perfect gift for your church
  •          Great craftsmanship
  •          Fully customizable to size or shape. Just ask
  •          Easy to install
  •          Laminated polymer stained glass for superior strength


“The quality of the painted imagery truly brings the saint to life for me”

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

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