Patron Saint of Music Panel #14861

St. Cecilia is depicted in stained glass window. She is considered the patron saint of music and musicians. According to tradition, St. Cecilia was a Roman noblewoman who lived in the 2nd or 3rd century AD and was a devout Christian. She is said to have been an accomplished musician who sang and played the lyre, and she is often depicted holding or playing this instrument in artwork and stained glass.

St. Cecilia is venerated as a martyr in the Catholic Church because she refused to renounce her Christian faith and was executed for it. According to legend, she sang hymns of praise to God even as she was being tortured and put to death. This story has made her a popular subject of religious art throughout the centuries.

Stained glass windows featuring St. Cecilia often depict her holding a musical instrument. These windows serve as a reminder of the important role that music has played in religious worship throughout history and of the enduring legacy of St. Cecilia's devotion to her faith and her musical talents.
This lovely artwork can be custom size and shape for your church or chapel windows. 

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

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