Lamb and Book, Agnus Dei Panel #15983

Lamb on Book
"Agnus Dei," Latin for "Lamb of God," This beautiful design pays homage to Christ as the sacrificial Lamb and the living Word of God.

Captivating stained glass window featuring the iconic image of a lamb resting upon a book. This timeless symbol represents Christ as the "Lamb of God" and the Word of God, encapsulating profound spiritual truths.

The meticulous craftsmanship and radiant colors of the stained glass bring this symbol to life, evoking a sense of reverence and reflection. As sunlight filters through the glass, the scene is bathed in a warm, inviting glow, creating an atmosphere of devotion.

This stained glass masterpiece serves as a powerful visual reminder of Christ's sacrificial role and the significance of the Scriptures in the Christian faith. Whether displayed in a church, chapel, or home, it invites all who behold it to contemplate the profound depth of Christ's sacrifice and the enduring wisdom found in the Word of God.

Architectural Enhancement for Your Space: Whether it's for new construction or enhancing an existing structure, our stained glass panels offer a quick and effortless installation process. Versatile in application, they can grace windows, hanging panels, doors, or illuminated light boxes. Customization ensures a perfect fit for any window size or shape, harmonizing seamlessly with your architectural design.

Crafted to Your Vision: We understand the importance of individuality. Personalize your stained glass panel with dedications, verses, or specific details, allowing your congregation's unique needs and spirit to shine through this magnificent portrayal.

Affordable Elegance: Elevate your sacred space with affordable elegance. Our stained glass panels artfully combine budget-friendly options with captivating beauty, enabling you to adorn your church without financial constraints.

Inspiration and Comfort: Beyond aesthetics, our panels serve practical purposes. They block drafts, reduce AC and heating requirements, and effectively shield against 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Safety and Durability: Crafted to be lead-free and nearly unbreakable, our stained glass panels prioritize safety and longevity. The depiction of Jesus' Resurrection will continue to inspire and uplift for generations to come.

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