Tiffany Angel and Crown Panel #3520

This Tiffany style stained glass art piece features an angel, clothed in white, holding a crown. A Heavenly light shines from above and an elegant glow beams through this expertly crafted work of stained glass art. Fascinating hues that cross the full spectrum of color and perfect symmetry blend to render this magnificent stained glass design a true treasure, dazzling to every eye and soul stirring. Flawless imagery draws the interest of those who have the pleasure of examining the lovely features of this extraordinary stained glass angel, bringing her to life. A perfect enhancement and source of inspiration and awe in church, chapel or shrine, as well as a signature piece for home or business decor, this exquisite stained glass panel as part of an entryway will welcome guests with warmth and elegance.

You can see an example of this piece used as a door insert, in our Stained Glass Doors pdf. Listed as door #SGD-1232.

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

Need help paying for church stained glass? See our fundraising guide for effective solutions to any financial hurdle your church may be facing.

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