Christ Calms the Sea Panel #1162

Christ Calms the Sea

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As a storm raged on Jesus slept and His disciples feared for their lives. When Christ awoke He immediately calmed the wind and rain. This favorite story of an event in the life of Christ is beloved by Christians everywhere, and is depicted here in elaborate, classic stained glass. Vibrant, rich color and texture blend harmoniously with flawless imagery to bring this lovely tableau to life for all who are blessed to experience its beauty. Moving and evocative, from the expressions on the upturned faces of the disciples to the rays of lovely light beaming from Heaven, the realistic artistry of this magnificent work of stained glass art makes it a true treasure. Perfect to inspire and uplift, this stained glass window enhances every area of devotion and worship, church, chapel or cathedral, with reflected rays of light in shifting shades throughout the day.

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

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