The Lord's Ascension unto Heaven Panel #1427

The Lord's Ascension unto Heaven

Variants of This Window

A Gothic border surrounds this stained glass window featuring Jesus ascending into Heaven. Designed in the classic style of old world stained glass windows in the great cathedrals of Europe, this elaborate, ornate work of stained glass art is crafted with a full palette of rich, vibrant colors and naturally varied textures that capture and filter rays of light as they dance along the surface throughout the day and after dark. Realistic, impeccable imagery, from the beneficence in the expression of Jesus' face to the adoration of his followers, brings this glorious stained glass message to life for all who are blessed to behold it, dazzling the eye and stirring the soul. Inspirational for worshipers, this window is perfect for enhancement of church, chapel or shrine, bathing every area of prayerful contemplation with stained glass color and light.

A religious window like this would make a good addition to a house of worship or a hospital chapel.

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