Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Colorado / Success Stories

Stained glass windows inspire thoughtful supplication and add charm to even the most beautiful of churches. When Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Littleton, CO was looking to update their sanctuary they contacted Stained Glass Inc. for their stained glass window needs. Their large sanctuary is surrounded by windows that are now filled with colorful depictions of biblical scenes and Christian symbolism in stained glass.

In all, Stained Glass Inc. provided our Lady of Mount Carmel with 30 stunning windows. The church committee chose each design for the window panels from Stained Glass Inc.’s online gallery. Our talented stained glass artists took 24 of the images and surrounded them with a matching border so that each image flows with the next. These window panels were placed along each side of the sanctuary with four windows, depicting the four Evangelists, fitted into window frames at the front of the church.

The other window panels were spread throughout the building; from three large windows at the parish entrance to a smaller rose window above an entry door to a panel illustrating the Supper at Emmaus above the votive alter. These larger windows were made in sections and simply attach together with a T-bar.

All stained glass panels were received on time and in excellent condition. Installation of the Stained Glass Inc. window panels was quick and simple and the parishioners were delighted with the end result.

Beautiful! Perfect! Just what we were hoping for. Thank you, again, for all of your hard work for us!