Oregon Private Residence / Success Stories

Stained Glass inserts are a beautiful way to add color to your home without breaking your budget. Add a stylish touch of pigment and detail to bring beauty to every room. Custom window inserts for your home can come in many shapes, sizes and styles depending on your taste. At Stained Glass Inc. we have a very extensive selection of stained glass designs. We can also create custom pieces to meet our client's desire.
Our client decided on a custom piece for his sliding kitchen window. The view outside was a brick wall, so he wanted something that would add more color and draw appeal. Typically our window panel inserts come with a black, anodized aluminum frame. It was not needed for this application. Our client knew what he wanted, Tiffany piece #2948 'Blue Tiffany Detail'. For this project, we had the artist split the image in two and render to fit the dimensions of each window panel. In doing this, the stained glass insert can be enjoyed all day as the sliding window can be opened to let in the fresh air. Let us help you create something unique for your home. You imagine and we create. Give us your dimensions and design ideas, and we will create a piece that is unique to you.
Showcasing a beautiful background of flowers, luscious trees and mountainous backdrop, this piece is the perfect end to a long day.