St. Joseph - Texas / Success Stories

St Joseph Commerce serves the most eastern part of the Diocese of Dallas and the Texas A&M University-Commerce. A donor provided 14 stained glass window inserts for the church. They were installed just before Christmas in the existing windows. The traditional artwork blends beautifully with the contemporary architecture of the building.


  • The windows are inserts that installed inside the existing windows.
  • The Stained Glass Inc inserts were installed in under 1 hour.
  • While inspired by the traditional images of stained glass, the artwork is original and is unique to this church.
  • The windows follow the life of Christ and his teachings and progress in a clockwise fashion around the church.
  • The artwork insulates the windows saving energy and utilities.
  • Blocks damaging UV rays from fading the furniture and interior.
  • Reduces the suns glare and blocks out traffic and undesirable views.

Here's what St. Joseph's congregation had to say:

Wow!!! What beautiful windows. I came in one day from my volunteer work in Dallas, I was speechless. What magnificent windows we have. Thanks for all the work you have done. I will not hesitate to tell others about your stained glass artwork.

Sheena Z.

They are really beautiful and add so much to the worship experience at our church.

Dr. Harry and Dora W.

The stained glass artwork is exactly what our church needed! I love the traditional method you used, that is my favorite. The fact that the artwork is original to our church is truly wonderful. And the fact that the artwork not only is pleasing to the eye but also serves as insulation is awesome.

Angie D.

We are delighted, absolutely delighted with the new windows. Words just can't describe how great they look. They evoke such a sense of peace; you can't help but feel calm and prayerful.

John J.