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The largest city in New England, Boston is the home of numerous colleges and universities as well as the largest surviving Victorian era neighborhood in the United States. Its rich culture has developed over centuries. With a heavy Irish populace and some of the largest church congregations in the country, Boston's culture is resonant with old world values and is one of America's most beloved cities. With so many church buildings, universities and a diversity of homes, stained glass is a fundamental addition to Boston architecture. The addition of stained glass in any Boston building will bring beauty and color as well as an expression of personal taste and style.

College and University Stained Glass in Boston

The city of Boston is home to numerous colleges and universities, making Boston one of the leading cities in the country for higher education. With stately buildings and architectural elements ranging from Greek and Roman architecture to more modern, green construction, Boston's colleges and universities stand beautifully throughout the city. One addition that can help make Boston's colleges even more eye-catching is stained glass. Stained glass window inserts from Stained Glass Inc. can be very easily and inexpensively added to university d├ęcor without any new construction or disrupting classes. At Stained Glass Inc. we offer beautiful stained glass that will fit perfectly in your university. We have designed stained glass specifically for the Boston area and we offer a range of products, including stained glass window or door inserts, stained glass domes, stained glass dividers and partitions, stained glass gazebos and stained glass for libraries.

Our decorative stained glass collection is sure to hold something that is perfect for your Boston higher education center. If you don't see something you love we specialize in custom orders and can create the perfect stained glass specific to your needs.

Stained Glass in Boston Homes

With the largest surviving Victorian era neighborhood in the country as well as much newer, modern architecture, Boston features a diverse array of homes throughout the city. Stained glass is a great way to bring color and style to any home, no matter the architectural style. Stained Glass Inc. features many different styles of stained glass for your home. We have an extensive collection of Tiffany stained glass as well as Frank Lloyd Wright and prairie style stained glass designs. Our stained glass gallery features religious and Christian art alongside secular artwork. Even with the world's largest selection of stained glass we also specialize in custom made designs. Explain to us your idea and we can make it into a stained glass reality for your Boston, Cambridge, Providence or Manchester area home.

Church Stained Glass for Boston

Stained glass is a common and well-known architectural component in churches of all denominations. At Stained Glass Inc. we have created stained glass designs specifically for Boston area churches. Stained glass can be used in Boston churches as ecclesiastical signage, in prayer rooms, as an addition to altar furniture, memorials and wedding chapels as well as many other applications. We feature a huge Catholic stained glass selection along with stained glass for other Christian denominations and Jewish stained glass. Beautify your Boston area church with stained glass from our collection or allow us to custom create the perfect stained glass design for your congregation.

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We serve the entire Boston area, including Lincoln, Sudbury, Back Bay, Dorchester, Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Jamaica Plain, and South End. Your source for beautiful stained glass, contact Stained Glass Inc. today for more information. We are here to answer any questions and will get to work immediately on your Boston area stained glass project.