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Stained Glass for Kansas City, Missouri

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Stained Glass Inc. has worked with many Kansas City, Missouri homeowners, businesses, and church congregations to bring the beauty of stained glass to their structures as well as providing a way to better insulate buildings and improve energy savings. Manufactured in the United States at local studios in Texas where stained glass artists hand make each custom stained glass order, you can be assured that the stained glass window, stained glass door insert, or stained glass hanging you order will offer long-lasting enjoyment, brilliant color, and maximum energy efficiency. Ordering straight from the manufacturer means that you can enjoy wholesale pricing and custom stained glass that is sure to beat your local Kansas City stained glass retailer.

Located in the heart of the country, Kansas City, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas, along with many cities and towns that bridge both states, this metropolitan area has a rich history, dating back to the location of many Civil War battles as well as an area renowned for its barbecue and jazz music. The area offers a central hub for business, higher learning, and arts and culture, making it a great locale for families, single people, and even the retired set. Replete with parks, museums, shopping and recreational activities, Kansas City, Missouri and the nearby area of Overland Park, Kansas are perfect places within the heartland of America to call home.

Stained Glass for Kansas City Churches and Synagogues

The Kansas City and Overland Park areas have a diverse religious affiliation, including Roman Catholics, Eastern Christians, Protestants, Methodists, Latter Day Saints and a large Jewish community.  With over half of the population of the Kansas City, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas areas affiliated with a religion, there are numerous churches, chapels, and synagogues that could benefit from Stained Glass Inc. stained glass artwork.

Church stained glass can be added throughout the interior space and structure of a house of worship.  You can add a new lead-free stained glass window to your church to replace the old, unsafe leaded glass window, or you may want to introduce an interior light source that can be illuminated through LED backlighting or stained glass lamps. Stained glass designs are even available for ecclesiastical signage and crosses.

Kansas City Stained Glass for Homes

The area in and around Kansas City, Missouri is undergoing a renaissance with much of the downtown area being redeveloped and refurbished, including the addition of many urban residences and lofts that feature large windows and skylights to introduce more natural light to these homes.  The midtown neighborhoods include many historic areas like Westport, Rockhill, Coleman Highlands and Brookside.

The Kansas City and Overland Park regions have an incredible array of architectural styles, including two houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Many of the decorative stained glass designs available from Stained Glass Inc. fit perfectly into the local Kansas City architecture with options made to fit in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and libraries. Consider adding one of our most unique stained glass offerings, which are classical paintings in stained glass that reproduce some of the masterpieces of the world’s most well-known painters.  Whatever you choose to fit your personal décor and style, Stained Glass Inc. can custom build to your size and shape specifications and deliver straight from their U.S. studios to you.

In an area that can often see considerable rain and inclement weather, installing these stained glass windows can bring in more natural light while offering a moisture-resistant solution that repels mold and mildew and maintains a tight seal.

Kansas City Stained Glass for Universities and Colleges

There are numerous universities, colleges, and seminaries located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, including the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Rockhurst University, Avila University, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and Baker University as well as numerous seminaries and community colleges.

Stained glass windows for use in auditoriums, school libraries, classrooms and offices provides a way to enhance the beauty of a university’s architecture as well as recognize a donor or patron and celebrate a school’s symbol or crest.  This is an affordable way to customize your college campus and offer a colorful backdrop to celebrate your school’s spirit while introducing natural light to spaces without having to undertake any construction or remodel work.

Stained Glass Applications for Kansas City Businesses

Throughout Kansas City and Overland Park, there are numerous companies with corporate headquarters in this area as well as numerous small businesses that could enhance their offices and spaces with stained glass window, door, and wall inserts as well as stained glass skylight covers.  Kansas City is also home to many architectural firms that are sure to appreciate how the beauty of stained glass can be incorporated into a commercial structure.

Because of its location, Kansas City, Missouri offers casinos both on the land and river. These casinos and gaming parlors can be accented with stained glass features that represent the area’s history or highlight the gaming atmosphere in bright and bold stained glass designs.  Whether rolling on the river or offering a comfortable gaming environment in the heart of Kansas City, Stained Glass Inc. offers  stained glass door inserts for lobby doors, stained glass partitions, and stained glass ceiling panels.  

Getting Started on Your Kansas City Stained Glass Project!

If you are ready to get started on your stained glass project for your Kansas City area business, home, or church, or even if you just need some questions answered, our team of stained glass professionals is here to help.  Let us custom create a lead-free, environmentally-friendly stained glass insert or panel from one of thousands of stained glass designs in our catalogue that you can enjoy for years to come.