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Known for quality, craftsmanship, expertise and personal service, Stained Glass Inc. is a premier stained glass company that has produced some of the world's most stunning displays of art as seen in churches and cathedrals, hotels and casinos, museums and office buildings. Headquartered in Greenville, Texas, our studios produce U.S. stained glass that is handcrafted and stunning. We specialize in stained glass windows, door and wall inserts, stained glass paintings, lighting and hanging suncatchers for residential and commercial applications as well as church decor. Every product is made from lead-free materials, high-quality mineral pigments, and high-impact resistant polymer glass.

Known as The Flour City, Rochester is the third largest city in the state of New York and is one of the top ten most livable cities in the country because of its affordability factor, quality of life, and educational and career opportunities.

Rochester, NY Residential Stained Glass Products

The city provides a mix of residential options, including the urban lofts, apartments, and townhouses of Downtown Rochester, the waterside residences of Charlotte, the historic district of South Wedge, the Victorian neighborhood of Corn Hill and the residential area of the 19th Ward.

Whatever residence you have in Rochester, consider personalizing it with stained glass from Stained Glass Inc. Besides the beauty and light it offers as a stained glass window, hanging suncatcher, or insert, our stained glass products provide greater insulation to save on energy costs by eliminating drafts and regulating the interior temperature of your home.

If you are not sure you want to add a stained glass window or wall insert to your living room, dining room, study, bathroom or kitchen, consider these other stained glass products that set your Rochester home apart from your neighbors:

  • For a kitchen remodel, consider cabinet inserts.
  • To add ambiance, include lamps or other stained glass lighting features to your interior.
  • To enjoy more natural light, put in a skylight and add a stained glass skylight cover.
  • Create a unique look to other features in your Rochester home by adding stained glass to a gazebo, conservatory, greenhouse or pool room.
  • Incorporate something decidedly different by hanging a stained glass painting in your Rochester home.

Choose from one of thousands of designs or submit your own stained glass design idea. Simply tell us the size, shape, color and image for your project and we will take care of the rest.

Commercial Stained Glass for Rochester Universities and Businesses

Rochester is known for its flour mills and as the home to numerous major corporations, including Xerox and Bausch & Lomb as well as numerous technology companies dedicated to imaging and optics. The area is also rich in retail operations, small businesses, and cultural and historical buildings. Additionally, Rochester is known for its depth of higher education institutions, including the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.

Whether you operate a hotel, retirement home, restaurant, office or university, Stained Glass Inc. offers a beautiful product sure to get you noticed and create a pleasant environment for all. Here’s what you can enjoy when you partner with Stained Glass Inc. on a Rochester commercial stained glass project:

  • Change the mood of your store, office, restaurant or university by adding brilliant color, natural light, and an exceptional stained glass design to any aspect of your structure or interior space.
  • Get noticed with colorful glass signage that can be lit by the sun or through technology.
  • Designate private spaces within a building without darkening areas like changing rooms, waiting rooms, booths or cubicles.
  • Bring your brand identity to life through vivid colors and a striking design not emulated by other artistic mediums.
  • Create jaw-dropping decor with a dramatic stained glass ceiling or dome that elevates your hotel, restaurant, or retail shop above all the rest.
  • Focus on an environmentally responsible position by adding environmentally-friendly stained glass that also helps increase insulation and regulate temperature for lower energy consumption not to mention reduced utility bills.

The best part of our value proposition for Rochester commercial customers is that custom decorative glass, manufactured to last for years to come, is very affordable.  

Rochester Church Stained Glass

Rochester offers a house of worship for just about every religious affiliation, including community churches and chapels, magnificent cathedrals and mega-churches, and faith-inspiring temples and synagogues.

Besides the range of religious stained glass products, such as ecclesiastical signage, crosses, altar furniture and church windows as well as the added benefits of easy installation, lead-free materials, factory direct ordering and shipping, and wholesale pricing, Stained Glass Inc. offers an extraordinary collection of religious designs, including:

  • Memorial plaques
  • Scenes from the Life of Christ
  • Old Testament scenes and concepts
  • Rose windows
  • Saints
  • Angels
  • Virgin Mary
  • Synagogue and symbols of the Jewish faith
  • Word art and symbolism

Working with Stained Glass Inc. on a Rochester Stained Glass Project

If you are ready to begin your stained glass project for your Rochester church, Batavia business, or Seneca Falls home, now is the time to contact us and get started. Our team of stained glass professionals is ready to work with you on the design and specifications you have so you can begin to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful stained glass.