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Stained Glass for Virginia Beach, Virginia

Also serving Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia as well as Elizabeth City and Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Stained Glass Inc. has been helping businesses, congregations, and homeowners in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk communities of the Commonwealth of Virginia realize their dream of stained glass by partnering with them to custom create stained glass windows, stained glass door panels, stained glass hangings and stained glass lighting that fits their space, design vision, and budget. You can also enjoy the brilliant color and gallery-quality stained glass handmade by the artisans of Stained Glass Inc. for your Virginia Beach home, Norfolk business, or Newport News church. Our lead-free stained glass is safe and also environmentally-friendly, offering a way to reduce energy usage and bills while maintaining a comfortable and beautiful environment.

The Hampton Roads area, known as "America's First Region" includes a number of quaint and historical communities like Newport News, Norfolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Suffolk as well as other smaller areas of North Carolina, including Kill Devil Hills and Elizabeth City. With many cities located along the oceanfront, including Virginia Beach's Guinness Book of World Records for the longest pleasure beach in the world, this area is home to many part-time residents, retired people, and those looking to enjoy a slower pace of life.

Stained Glass for Virginia Beach Churches

Just in Virginia Beach alone, there are over 180 different religious congregations as well as those located in Norfolk, Newport News, and other towns in the area. Represented throughout Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Newport News are Roman Catholics, Southern Baptists, United Methodists, Charismatics and more, including those of the Jewish faith.

There are many compelling reasons to select Stained Glass Inc. as your church stained glass partner:

  • An extensive collection of religious stained glass designs with many themes, figures of faith, and styles to match your church, synagogue, or temple architecture and interior design;
  • The ability to create your own stained glass design;
  • Lead-free stained glass materials that are safer;
  • An easy installation process to replace old leaded stained glass or for new construction that can even be added at the end of the build process;
  • Complete customization with stained glass windows in any size; and
  • Personalization, including within the stained glass or the addition of a plaque for donors or congregation member names, Bible verses, or quotes.

Stained Glass for Virginia Beach Homes and Vacation Homes

With its historic charm and seaside location, there are some unique homes and vacation homes in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas. This includes upscale golf course communities as well as homes with equestrian facilities, and those located on oceanfront properties. There are many other family-friendly neighborhoods as well as military family communities that serve the nearby military installations.

One of the most popular neighborhoods in the Hampton Roads area is Ghent that offers grand historic mansions along tree-lined streets. Norfolk also offers unique historic neighborhoods like Berkley, Willoughby Spit, and Ocean View that feature quaint homes and picturesque views that can be enhanced with the beauty of stained glass.

Our stained glass for Virginia beach homes offers a strong value proposition over Virginia Beach stained glass retail stores:

  • Factory direct ordering and shipping saves you more money.
  • We offer gallery-quality, lead-free, highly impact resistant stained glass.
  • Our catalogue of stained glass designs is one of the largest available with special stained glass designs in the style of Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, and other artists.
  • We can completely customize the stained glass to fit your space, including size, shape, design and color.
  • Our stained glass features mean that our stained glass could find a home in just about any place in your residence, including stained glass lighting, stained glass for greenhouses, stained glass windows and transom windows, stained glass wall and door inserts, and stained glass for skylights.

Stained Glass for Virginia Beach Universities and Colleges

Virginia is the home to two major universities, including Regent University and Atlantic University while Norfolk offers Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University. There are also many trade, technical, and general education colleges to choose from, making it a highly competitive area for higher education.

With this extensive learning environment throughout the Virginia Beach and Norfolk area, there is a great opportunity to beautify and brighten these campuses and buildings with stained glass features. Here's what we can do for your university or college:

  • Add stained glass signage to draw attention to your campus or direct visitors and students in a unique way.
  • Include stained glass windows or stained glass domes to buildings to brighten dark spaces and add a stunning focal point.
  • Enhance school spirit by designing a stained glass feature that includes the school colors, crest, and/or mascot.

Our stained glass features are designed to fit your space and install easily and quickly without further construction costs while offering a value-added solution that differentiates the look of your Norfolk university or Virginia Beach college.

Stained Glass for Virginia Beach Businesses

Virginia Beach is known for its tourism with many resorts, hotels, restaurants, retail shops and more. The surrounding areas also house a wide range of companies, farms, government buildings and small businesses. Whatever type of business you may own or operate, think about how stained glass could add that extra touch to both the outside and interior of your structure. Here are some of the many stained glass applications to consider:

No matter what type of business you have or stained application you can incorporate, Stained Glass Inc. can create the stained glass to match existing decor and your company's brand. Stained glass is an excellent way to draw attention to your business and create a visually appealing environment for guests and customers.

Your Source for Virginia Beach Stained Glass

Contact us now to get started on your Virginia Beach stained glass project for your home, business, or church or to learn more about how to select your custom stained glass window, stained glass door insert, stained glass lighting or stained glass painting. Our team of stained glass professionals is here to help with all aspects of your stained glass project to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.