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Louisville, Kentucky Stained Glass

Also serving Fort Knox, Bardstown, Elizabethtown, and Jefferson County, Kentucky as well as Madison, Indiana

Stained Glass Inc. offers your Louisville, Kentucky home, church, or business an extensive array of custom, lead-free, and handmade stained glass products. Whether you are looking for a traditional stained glass window, a religious stained glass door insert, or stained glass lighting, or if you want some unique stained glass feature, such as a stained glass painting or stained glass hanging, we have the experience and knowledge to handle any stained glass project. From religious stained glass designs to non-religious stained glass designs, Stained Glass Inc. has served hotels, churches, museums and government buildings across the country and around the world. Our craftsmanship speaks for itself while our clients can tell you about their satisfaction and enjoyment.

As the largest city in Kentucky and best known for its running of the Kentucky Derby horse race, the city and the surrounding towns like Fort Knox, Bardstown, and Elizabethtown offer a wealth of higher education, job opportunities, and comfortable living for young professionals, families, and the retired. As one of the older cities in America, it also provides many heritage sites and interesting architecture mixed with modern development and revitalized urban areas.

Louisville Residential Stained Glass

One of the most beautiful areas in Louisville is the Old Louisville neighborhood, which is the largest historic preservation district that features Victorian homes and structures, many already highlighted with stained glass exterior doors, stained glass hangings, and stained glass wall inserts. No matter what type of architecture or style of home you have, our stained glass designs can fit your residence, lending beauty, light, and energy efficiency.

Here are some of our themes and styles for Louisville residences that you could use anywhere in your home – from skylights and windows to wall and door inserts to conservatories and green houses:

Our stained glass designs can be made into any shape or size to fit your Louisville space, making them easy to install. Even if you don’t see a stained glass design among the thousands we offer, you can submit your own stained glass design and our stained glass artists can turn it into a stained glass window, door insert, or hanging.

Louisville Universities and Businesses Enjoy Stained Glass

From small businesses located throughout Louisville, like the industrial districts near Hurstbourne Parkway and retail conversions along the waterfront areas and into Waterfront Park to the entertainment complex of Fourth Street Live to the “Museum Row” of the West Main District in downtown, Louisville business can benefit from the addition of stained glass. Additionally, there are many campuses of major universities and colleges, such as the University of Louisville, Spalding University, Louisville Bible College, Simmons College of Kentucky and Bellarmine University, which can also incorporate stained glass features.

Here’s what we offer Louisville universities and businesses:

  • Adds color and elegance as well as sets your business apart from the competition;
  • Enhances your signage and highlights your brand and company name in a way that really stands out as memorable;
  • Livens up dull and dreary spaces, boosting mood and productivity while reducing stress in offices;
  • Offers an environmentally-friendly solution that reduces energy consumption and costs;
  • Creates interesting window and storefront displays;
  • Draws visitors in;
  • Provides a way to separate spaces, adding privacy without closing off the interior environment;
  • Introduces more light and regulates temperature for comfortable working, shopping, and dining environments; and
  • Helps reduce glare without cutting out natural sunlight.

In addition to all these benefits for Louisville businesses, hotels and resorts, restaurants, universities and retailers, our stained glass is easy to install, completely customizable, and affordable. The craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and technical expertise employed by our stained glass artisans means that you and your customers can enjoy the stained glass features for years to come.

Religious Stained Glass for Louisville Churches and Synagogues

With a wide array of ethnic neighborhoods, Louisville has a diverse religious environment, including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. This means there is an extensive offering of churches and mega churches, historic houses of worship, temples, and synagogues located throughout Louisville that could benefit from Stained Glass Inc.’s religious stained glass designs and stained glass features for houses of worship. Here are some of the valuable features offered by our stained glass for Louisville churches:

  • A wide range of religious stained glass designs provides a way to capture your congregation and faith’s focus whether it is the life of Jesus, the Saints, or any type of religious symbol.
  • You can incorporate stained glass in a number of ways, including windows, ceilings, altar furniture, crosses and ecclesiastical signage.
  • Our stained glass is an ideal solution for replacing unsafe leaded stained glass with a lead-free design.
  • The stained glass is stronger than traditional glass, providing greater insulation and security.
  • Stained glass provides ambiance and light to set a reflective and peaceful mood for worship.
  • Our stained glass products are very affordable and fit all types of budgets.
  • You can personalize any of our stained glass products with an inscription within the stained glass design or the addition of a plaque to honor a donor or patron or remember a loved one.

Your Louisville Stained Glass Project Starts by Contacting Stained Glass Inc.

Although headquartered in Greenville, Texas, our team of stained glass professionals is just a phone call or email away and provides the most responsive and comprehensive service available, personalizing your stained glass project experience. Whether you are located in Louisville, KY or one of the other Louisville area communities, you can be sure that you will receive the best value, quality, variety and service possible so you can begin to enjoy the beauty and efficiency of stained glass in your Louisville church, home, or business. Contact us now to get started!