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As one of the most diverse stained glass manufacturers in America, Stained Glass Inc. offers one of the largest collections of non-religious and religious stained glass designs made from UV-resistant glass that is free of lead. Our completely customizable stained glass designs are also available in numerous shapes, styles, and themes and can be made in any size. Factory-direct ordering and shipping from our Greenville, Texas headquarters means that you can enjoy the best price on gallery-quality, lead-free stained glass that is made to stand the test of time.

As the capital city of California, the sixth largest metropolitan area in this state, and locale named by Time Magazine as America’s Most Diverse City, Sacramento serves as an economic, trade, and cultural hub in the West, offering the other communities surrounding it like Roseville, Davis, Truckee, and Grass Valley with an urban source of arts and entertainment, professional sports, financial services, higher education and jobs. The Sacramento area contains a storied history that combines indigenous cultures, Spanish explorers, Chinese workers, Roman Catholicism and pioneers on the hunt for gold. Along with this cultural diversity, the nearby rural communities are rich in agriculture.

With so many themes and cultures to build upon, stained glass can become a beautiful and artistic way to create a bridge between the past and the future.  And, as Sacramento has been noted as one of the sunniest locations on the planet for four months out of each year, this is a great place to enjoy the ongoing light show created by a stained glass window or stained glass art hanging.

Commercial Stained Glass for Sacramento Businesses and Universities

The Sacramento area is rich in higher learning, including a number of major universities like Sacramento State University, Drexel University Sacramento, and the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law all within Sacramento with the University of California, Davis nearby.

Whether you are a local Sacramento community college or a major Sacramento university, you can enhance the feel of your campus and elevate the school’s spirit with a stained glass window or door insert, stained glass dome for your auditorium, or stained glass lighting for your school library. Our stained glass inserts do not require remodeling or construction work; they are designed to fit your specifications and can be easily installed behind the existing glass in that space.

Other commercial structures in the Sacramento, CA area can also be highlighted by stained glass features like stained glass windows and doors, domes and skylight covers, and sidelights. From Old Sacramento that houses some buildings going back to the Gold Rush era where the historic hotels and restaurants could be enhanced with stained glass designs to the theatre arts section of Sacramento that would benefit from stunning backlit stained glass features, Stained Glass Inc. can work with any type of business on their stained glass projects, including bringing their own stained glass design ideas to life.

Stained Glass Panels for Sacramento Homes

Sacramento neighborhoods reflect the city’s moniker as the most diverse city. There is everything from urban lofts in Midtown Sacramento to family-friendly, first-time buyer homes in Rocklin to Craftsman fixer uppers in East Sacramento to elegant, stately mansions in Sierra Oaks Vista. Farther afield in rural areas like Truckee, Davis, and Grass Valley, you can also choose from farmhouses, Victorian homes, and ranch homes. Maybe you even enjoy the idea of living in a college town like Davis.

With so much to choose from, when it comes to making your Sacramento area your own, you will want to select a stained glass manufacturer that can offer the diversity of stained glass designs, shapes, sizes and styles that will match your vision and your budget. Even better is an American stained glass manufacturer that can also work from your own stained glass design. Stained Glass Inc. can do it all for Sacramento, CA home owners, including stained glass for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, studies and swimming pool rooms not to mention outdoor spaces like gazebos.

Our stained glass inserts and panels are durable and constructed from polymer glass that keeps out UV rays but locks in the stained glass color that comes from rich mineral pigments. Additionally, our stained glass can offer you the benefits of privacy without compromising on natural light, more insulation for  greater energy efficiency, and easy installation to reduce construction time and cost. All stained glass is custom made to fit your home, condo, or loft.

Sacramento Church Stained Glass  

Many religious denominations can be found in the Sacramento area, including Roman Catholic, Methodist, Protestant, Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, Jewish, Seventh-Day Adventists and numerous independent churches, chapels, and faith centers. Like the rest of Sacramento, the houses of worship also reflect diversity in their architectural style with signs of Spanish, European, and contemporary designs to be found throughout the area. This means there are churches with red tiled roofs as well as red brick churches and paneled churches all of which can be embellished with exterior stained glass windows as well as interior stained glass features like LED backlit memorials, crosses, alter furniture, lamps and domes.

It is easy to add a stained glass feature to a church because all of Stained Glass Inc. stained glass is custom made to fit your house of worship, including wedding chapels, hospital chapels, and university chapels. Because you order it directly from the stained glass manufacturer, you have the added convenience of direct shipping as well as wholesale pricing. Better yet, our work with churches all over the country has helped us to create an extensive catalogue of religious stained glass designs that cover numerous Biblical themes, saints, and scenes from Christ’s life as well as symbols and themes from the Jewish faith.

Get Started on Your Sacramento Stained Glass Project

Stained Glass Inc. is your source for stained glass inserts, stained glass panels, stained glass art panels and stained glass lighting for the Sacramento, California area, including Davis Grass Valley, Truckee, Yuba City, Arden Arcade and Roseville. Contact our stained glass professionals by phone or email to learn more or place your order for custom stained glass for your church, school, business or home.