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Stained Glass Inc. is your ideal partner for stained glass windows, stained glass door inserts, stained glass lighting and other stained glass features that can add beauty, natural light, color and personalization to your Harrisburg church, business, or home. Working with a wholesale stained glass company that serves Harrisburg means factory direct pricing, ordering, and shipping as well as complete custom stained glass work, lead-free stained glass, and exceptional color, strength, and longevity. You will also be able to enjoy some unique stained glass products not found with your typical Harrisburg stained glass retailer, including a stained glass painting or stained glass hanging.

As the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg is the ninth largest city in the state and offers a wealth of incredible American history that includes the Civil War and Industrial Revolution, proximity to the famous Hershey chocolate factory, and the accolades of being named the second best place in the U.S. to raise a family by Forbes Magazine in 2010.

Harrisburg, PA Residential Stained Glass

Harrisburg offers a wide range of historic districts, urban communities, and family-friendly neighborhoods that include unique architecture and modern structures like lofts and townhouses. From the historic districts of Old Uptown, Fox Ridge, and Bellevue Park to squares like Governor's Square and Market Square to neighborhoods like Stelton, Shipoke, Hardscrabble and Italian Lake to nearby towns like York, Lebanon, Gettysburg and Hanover, there is something for everyone in terms of a residence to call their own.

No matter what type of architectural style or interior design you have in your Harrisburg residence, Stained Glass Inc. has a stained glass design for you, including many unique patterns and styles:

If you cannot find the stained glass design that suits your individual taste, consider submitting your own design idea to our U.S. stained glass craftsmen. They can take your stained glass design idea and manufacture it into any size, shape, or color to fit your Harrisburg home.

Harrisburg Business and University Applications for Stained Glass

Throughout Harrisburg, there is some incredible historic architecture, including the Pennsylvania State Capital building, which was modeled on the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The cityscape combines many historic buildings with modern development, creating a stunning backdrop for business, entertainment, culture, arts and higher education.

Harrisburg universities , including Dixon University Center, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and Harrisburg Area Community College, and businesses like those in Strawberry Square or Market Square enjoy the following benefits from incorporating stained glass into their structures, signage, and interior designs:

  • Set your business apart from the competition and heighten your visibility and brand image through the brilliance of stained glass signage.
  • Improve productivity through greater natural light and a regulated interior environment.
  • Create privacy with stained glass partitions and dividers without darkening spaces in offices, restaurants, and bars.
  • Reduce glare while adding colorful effects that liven up the decor.
  • Make a unique interior with stained glass domes or ceilings.
  • Create character through stained glass lighting and lamps that create a cozy interior space for restaurants and hotels.

Stained Glass Inc. makes it easy and affordable for a Harrisburg business, office, retailer, entertainment venue or university to take advantage of these stained glass benefits. Our team of stained glass consultants can suggest how to create your own stained glass design that incorporates your company or university name, mascot, logo, or brand symbols in the stained glass feature.

Harrisburg Church Stained Glass Projects

Rich in faith and commitment, the communities of Harrisburg include many types of religious affiliations, churches, chapels, synagogues and temples. The diversity in religious commitment is also seen in the wide range of architectural styles – from historic churches to modern mega-churches.

Here's what Stained Glass Inc. can do for your congregation:

  • Offers a catalog of religious designs to fit your faith and uplift the congregation. From the saints, Mary, and Christ to religious symbols, religious verses, and Biblical scenes in a range of styles and colors, you will find something that suits your religious focus. Or, you can submit your own idea for a religious stained glass design that you want to include in your church, temple, or synagogue.
  • Provides other types of stained glass products like crosses, ecclesiastical signage, and alter furniture.
  • Uses only lead-free materials to ensure the safety of your congregation.
  • Helps you save on energy costs with the greater insulation that our stained glass provides.
  • Creates a peaceful, meditative, and contemplative ambiance in your house of worship through the sublime beauty of stained glass.
  • Brightens dark spaces and revitalizes older structures without creating additional construction costs.

Stained Glass Inc. offers all these benefits to your Harrisburg congregation at a reasonable price to meet your budget needs.

Harrisburg Stained Glass Partner

Contact us now to get started on your Harrisburg stained glass project for your church, business, or home. Our team of stained glass experts is ready to take your call or respond to your email. They can answer all your questions, provide recommendations on measuring and stained glass design, and explain the installation process. This is the time to enjoy the stained glass you have always imagined!