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At Stained Glass Inc., we have had a strong base of customers and clients in the Nashville area who recognize and appreciate our quality, craftsmanship, experience and knowledge of stained glass and stained glass architectural elements.  From government buildings and museums in our nation’s capital to famous hotels and casinos around the country to large cathedrals, we have provided our stained glass expertise to beautify a number of structures as well as help refurbish many buildings with safer and more durable polymer stained glass that is free of lead. As an affordable option for custom stained glass, we can help you add stained glass artistry to your church, home, university or business.

As the capital of Tennessee, Nashville is not just the home of country music, also known as “Music City” or a down-home southern city, it’s really become a burgeoning metropolitan area full of business, education, and cultural opportunities not to mention a great place to live as a young professional or as a family.  This area has now become one of the fastest growing areas of Upland South as it has so many attractive features, including career opportunities and affordable housing.

Stained Glass for Nashville Houses of Worship  

Nashville truly defines its moniker as the Buckle of the Bible Belt State with more than 700 churches as well as seminaries, Christian schools, and Christian music and publishing companies, including the company known as the world’s largest producer of Bibles.  All of the religious affiliations are represented throughout Nashville, offering a house of worship for everyone, including those of the Jewish faith with synagogues and temples throughout the various Tennessee communities.

There are a number of benefits to partnering with Stained Glass Inc. on church stained glass for your congregation to enjoy:

  • Extensive collection of religious stained glass designs that recognizes all denominations in a number of styles and themes;
  • Completely customizable stained glass to fit your size, shape, design and color specifications;
  • Numerous types of stained glass options beyond stained glass windows, including LED backlit stained glass if your building lacks window or door insert space as well as stained glass for altar furniture; and
  • Simple installation, which reduces time and expense for your church, temple, or synagogue.

Stained Glass Features to Accentuate Nashville Homes

Offering a mix of high-rise apartments and lofts to comfortable tract homes to mega mansions to farm houses, Nashville offers it all when it comes to finding a place to call home.  Both Downtown and the Gulch offer great abodes for the young professional  within an urban setting, including restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues while those seeking refuge in the country enjoy Green Hills, Madison, Goodlettsville, West Nashville and Hermitage. The other local communities of Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, Lawrenceburg and Davidson offer a wide range of affordable housing in various architectural styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Our stained glass features are bound to fit in any type of Nashville home because we offer so many stained glass designs, styles, themes, colors and types of stained glass products. Here are some stained glass features that may fit your Nashville residence:

Stained Glass for Nashville Universities and Colleges

Beyond its penchant for music and music publishing, Nashville is actually known for its university community and has been labeled the “Athens of the South.” Nashville’s pillars of higher education include Vanderbilt University, American Baptist College, Nashville State Community College, Tennessee State University and Nashville School of Law just to name a few. Nearby Murfreesboro is also home to higher education locations, such as Middle Tennessee State University.

All types of stained glass applications are available to enhance a campus, including bringing in natural light to dark spaces, adding a dramatic effect that fits with the architecture, and highlighting the school’s spirit with school colors, mascots, and name artistically rendered with stained glass.  Universities do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the beauty of stained glass that is made to last with high-quality mineral pigments, polymer glass, and heat fusion technology.

Nashville Commercial Stained Glass Applications  

The Nashville area is home to many large corporations, including manufacturing, industrial applications, health care, transportation, music, publishing and retail. In recent years, it has also become a tourist destination, so there is a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.  All types of commercial stained glass applications are available that make it an ideal way to differentiate your business, add to the ambiance, enhance an office environment and include an energy-efficiency feature. Here are some great places to add our stained glass for Nashville business and commercial locations:

  • Resort and hotel lobbies and bars;
  • Restaurants, including using the stained glass as partitions for various seating areas;
  • Wedding venues, including gazebos or chapels;
  • Hospitals, including chapels or waiting rooms;
  • Retail locations, including shops and malls;
  • Offices to add light while maintaining some privacy;
  • Funeral homes for chapels and visitation rooms; and
  • Retirement homes, including dining and entertainment areas.

We're Your Source for Nashville Stained Glass

If you are looking for stained glass that offers quality and value along with customization, personalization, and easy installation, then look no further than Stained Glass Inc. Our stained glass products provide the convenience of easy ordering direct from the wholesaler along with the personal touch that a retail stained glass store might offer. Combined, you get the best of both worlds when partnering with us on your Nashville stained glass project for your home, office, or church. Contact us now to learn just how easy it is to turn your stained glass design idea into a reality that you can enjoy for years to come.