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Houston, Texas is the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States and is home to one of the most diverse multinational cultures in the country. Houston boasts over 400 schools, public and private, and several universities and community colleges, including Rice University, one of the top ranked Ivy League schools in the country. Houston is also home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions in the world, as well as over 43 million square feet of office space.

At Stained Glass Inc. it is our goal to make Houston, Texas clients happy. We offer a huge selection of stained glass designs and also custom make stained glass that is perfect for use in schools, hospitals, offices and any kind of business from restaurants to retail stores. Our stained glass window inserts are made to fit in your existing window frame and are very simple to install. Stained glass from Stained Glass Inc. can be used in a variety of ways. We custom build stained glass for all of the following applications:

Stained Glass for your Houston Office Building

Office buildings are often boring and dull. With no stimulant, employees habitually drift off or can easily get stuck in a rut. With the addition of stained glass to the office space a whole new ambiance can be achieved. Color and lighting can change the entire atmosphere in a space and will boost moods and help motivate employees. At Stained Glass Inc. we offer a huge selection of stained glass designs that are perfect for your Houston office. Our gallery consists of landscape scenes, floral designs and Tiffany reproductions as well as art deco and geometrical stained glass. If we don't have the design that you are looking for, let us know. We can custom create a stained glass design just for your Houston office space.

Hospital Stained Glass in Houston

Hospital chapels are another place where stained glass plays a vital role. Stained Glass Inc. can easily cater to the vast number of research hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Houston area. Stained glass window and door inserts are ideal for hospital chapels and prayer rooms and add beautiful color and inspiring images to the space. Our stained glass window inserts are affordable and very simple to install. Our stained glass may also be used for stained glass crosses or stained glass memorials and dedications in Houston hospitals.

Uses of Stained Glass in Houston Schools

With a huge number of schools, universities and community colleges in the Houston area, the benefits of stained glass are extensive, ranging from use in libraries to classrooms and cafeterias. As with stained glass in the office space, stained glass can change the classroom for the better. Stained glass can provide a stimulating image as well as bright colors that will lift moods and help motivate students and teachers alike.

Benefits of Stained Glass Inc.

Stained glass from Stained Glass Inc. is a step above the rest. We offer the lowest prices on the highest quality stained glass for Houston clients. Our stained glass is:

  • 100% lead free and safe
  • Practically unbreakable at 60x the strength of traditional stained glass
  • Completely customizable and made to order
  • Manufactured in the USA and shipped factory direct
  • Simple to install in just minutes
  • Highly durable and fade resistant
  • Made with polycarbonate glass that blocks UV rays

We are here to serve all of Houston and the surrounding area, including River Oaks, the Memorial Villages, Houston Heights, Clear Lake, Sugarland, League City, Kingwood and the Woodlands.

Contact Stained Glass Inc. today and allow us to get started on the stained glass project that is perfect for your space.