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Stained Glass Created for Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and Arlington, VA

As well as Alexandria- Winchester, VA, Columbia-Towson- Hagerstown-, MD, Martinsburg, WV, Chambersburg-Waynesboro, PA, and California-Lexington Park- Easton- Cambridge, MD

On the search for the best stained glass for the Washington, DC area? If so Stained Glass Inc. has just the right designs for you. At Stained Glass Inc. we have designed beautiful stained glass applications specifically for the Washington, Baltimore and Arlington area. Whether you are looking for stained glass doors or window inserts, church stained glass or stained glass for your Washington, DC business, you can count on Stained Glass Inc.

At Stained Glass Inc. we offer:

  • The world's largest selection of stained glass
  • Art work that is 60 times stronger than traditional stained glass
  • Custom made stained glass at a fraction of the price of other stained glass manufacturers
  • American made stained glass that is 100% lead free and safe
  • Stained glass inserts that install in 10 seconds
  • Beautiful stained glass art that is created especially for your Washington DC based home, office, or church

Stained Glass for your Washington, DC Business

Color and light play a huge role in the d├ęcor and design of any office building or business that is open to the public. The decorative style in a space can affect the mood of business patrons and workers. Bright, well-chosen colors and lots of natural light are proven to have a positive effect on people. With the addition of stained glass one can easily add beautiful color and timeless artwork to any space and attract patrons and set a peaceful, relaxing mood. Add stained glass to your Washington, DC business in the form of transom windows, stained glass dividers or partitions, lamps or stained glass ceilings or domes.

Stained Glass Applications in Government and Public Buildings

Many government and public buildings in Washington, DC are known for their charm and architectural integrity. These beautifully constructed buildings will shine even more handsomely with the addition of stained glass art. Our stained glass from Stained Glass Inc. can be used in new construction or can be easily made to fit into older buildings. Stained glass domes are a beautiful addition to domed ceilings in court houses, while stained glass sidelights and transoms make an excellent first impression in entry doors. Add colorful light in public libraries by installing stained glass window inserts in already existing windows or create light where none exists with LED backlit "windowless windows". Any government or public building in Washington, DC can benefit from the decorative touch of stained glass. Washington, DC Churches and Stained Glass

Though stained glass is anything but common, churches are commonly known for displaying beautiful stained glass artwork. Stained glass provides an encouraging decorative touch to the halls, rooms and sanctuary of any Washington, DC church. At Stained Glass Inc., stories from the Bible are pictorialized on brilliantly colored, well-designed, handcrafted stained glass. We also feature a large selection of symbolic stained glass that features Christian symbols such as the cross, the dove and scriptural word art. Add high-quality stained glass to your Washington, DC based church building and inspire your congregation for generations.

Let Us Create the Perfect Stained Glass for You

At Stained Glass Inc. our artisans have worked on many government building projects including:

  • The Pentagon, Arlington County, VA
  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Bethesda, MD
  • The Texas State Capital, Austin TX
  • The Veteran's Health Care System of the Ozarks, Fayetteville, AR
  • The Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

And many other projects for city and county government buildings and libraries.

All stained glass from Stained Glass Inc. is custom made and will beautifully compliment your unique space. Give us a call today and let us help you create the perfect stained glass masterpiece for your Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD or Arlington, VA business, church or home.