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St. Louis, Missouri, known for its Gateway Arch, is a central metropolitan hub that offers access to the west and the east. It is the 19th largest metropolitan area in the United States with a focus on sports, manufacturing and trade, and entertainment and culture. Previously serving as the center of North American Mississippi culture and growing out of a French settlement, St. Louis is often linked to jazz music and its industrial past.

When looking for gallery-quality, custom stained glass for your St. Louis, Missouri restaurant, hotel, office, home, or church, consider partnering with Stained Glass Inc.  As a U.S. based manufacturer of lead-free stained glass, Stained Glass Inc. delivers stained glass applications, stained glass lighting, and stained glass inserts that are custom made to fit your structure and space. With personalized service, wholesale pricing, and easy installation, you will be able to enjoy your stained glass in no time at all, transforming your St. Louis business, home, or church.   

St. Louis Stained Glass for Worship

Known for being a major center of Roman Catholicism with historical Catholic churches like the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis and the Basilica of St. Louis, the area is rich with houses of worship in a vast range of architectural styles, including the neo-Gothic tradition. The St. Louis area also has numerous Catholic and Lutheran schools. Like these beautiful churches and synagogues, your house of worship can also be enhanced, inside and out, thanks to the beauty of religious stained glass.

Offering the world’s largest collection of stained glass designs, including various religious stained glass designs that cover many denominations, including the Jewish and Christian faiths, Stained Glass Inc. can custom create stained glass images that fit your church or synagogue’s architecture as well as incorporate a theme that aligns with important religious messages. The energy-efficient stained glass panels are an excellent way to increase insulation in older, drafty structures without having to undertake any major remodeling.

The stained glass for St. Louis churches can be incorporated in a number of ways, depending on the size, scope, and budget you have in mind for your building. The stained glass features can include those that bring in natural light or that use LED lighting as a backlight to illuminate a room, such as stained glass ceilings or domes, stained glass designs that serve as partitions or dividers, stained glass features for prayer rooms, and stained glass sidelights.

Custom Stained Glass for St. Louis Homes

The St. Louis area offers up a veritable feast of architectural styles among its 79 different neighborhoods. This includes many examples of the early stone construction style of the 19th century as seen in the Emmanuel DeHodiamont House. There is also the Greek Revival architectural style seen in the Soulard neighborhood as well as Victorian architecture personified in the Campbell House.

Stained Glass Inc. has a wide range of benefits that make its stained glass panels and stained glass inserts the perfect choice for St. Louis homes. The benefits of these American made stained glass panels for homes include no lead, complete customization, fade resistance, durability, high impact resistance and simple installation. Designed to fit your space and your vision of stained glass for your home, our Stained Glass Inc. inserts and panels can integrate into any space thanks to a process that allows you to simply insert them behind existing glass, reducing the need for construction time and cost.

Custom Stained Glass for St. Louis Businesses

From government buildings in St. Louis to libraries, schools, hospitals and urban park pavilions in nearby Illinois, all structures can be enhanced with the beauty of stained glass while also improving energy efficiency to save money during cold winter months and the humid summers. In fact, the polycarbonate glass blocks UV rays, providing a comfortable and safe working environment for any business that adds a stained glass window to their offices, loft space, or building.

With a blend of old and new styles of architecture,  including an early Louis Sullivan skyscraper, the St. Louis business district can be beautified further with elegant stained glass panels or hangings that reflect everything from the area’s French heritage to more modern themes that highlight the city’s sports teams and economic segments. Working with Stained Glass Inc., you can customize any size stained glass window to add a focal point plus source of natural light that can help those inside feel more alert and productive throughout their day.

Your Partner for St. Louis Stained Glass Projects

Contact us today so that we can help you realize your dream of stained glass whether it is for your church, synagogue, business, school or home in the St. Louis area.  We serve the entire area of St. Louis, Missouri and the nearby communities of Centralia, St. Clair, Monroe, Madison and Clinton in Illinois. Let’s work together to bring your stained glass design idea to life so you can enjoy it for years to come in your St. Louis church, school, business or home.