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Stained Glass Inc. has been a provider of the finest stained glass for customers around the world, including businesses, universities, churches and residents of Memphis, Tennessee and Forrest City, Arkansas.  Working with well-known hotels, companies, historic churches and buildings, and casinos throughout the United States, our philosophy focuses on offering high-quality, customized, and lead-free stained glass products for all types of applications. While you may have local stained glass retail stores in Memphis, our value proposition exceeds those providers because we offer high quality stained glass at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers as well as complete customization.

Located in the southwestern corner of Tennessee, Memphis is the third largest city in the Southeastern United States and the second most populous metropolitan area in the state after Nashville, combining the flavors, heritage, sights and sounds of the Deep South with a modern, thriving business and entrepreneurial community, strong pillars of higher education, and a high-quality, affordable lifestyle for families and young professionals.

Residential Stained Glass for Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis offers a diverse selection of history, tradition, and architecture among its numerous neighborhoods – from the spectacular estates of Central Gardens to the revitalized downtown and South Main Historic Arts District to the University District to the bedroom communities just outside of Memphis.

With such variety, there are many ways to personalize your residence, tying in history and individual style. Stained Glass Inc. can help you make your home your own with a stained glass window or stained glass feature that will also provide more natural light, serve as décor, and offer an excellent energy-efficient solution. Beyond just traditional stained glass windows for any room in your house, Stained Glass Inc. can customize other unique stained glass features for your Memphis home:

From brilliant color and lead-free manufacturing to an impressive catalogue of stained glass designs, Stained Glass Inc. is your ideal partner when you are shopping for stained glass for your Memphis home. We also have a stunning collection of stained glass designs to choose from or you can submit your own stained glass design from which our talented stained glass artisans will create the ideal stained glass feature.

Memphis Business Stained Glass

With a diverse economy, combining Memphis blues and gospel music with entrepreneurial, industrial, and retail enterprises with tourism and entertainment, Memphis offers something for everyone and provides a promising future of growth.  The city is also home to numerous historical sites, museums, and cultural buildings, including Graceland, the former home of music legend Elvis Presley. The area is also rich in opportunity for college and university students, including the University of Memphis, Rhodes College, Christian Brothers University, Memphis Theological Seminary and numerous post-secondary institutions.

Whether you operate a university in the University District in downtown, manage a commercial business, or run a restaurant or club on Beale Street, you might consider the addition of stained glass features. Here’s what we offer:

  • A fully customized design means that you can create stained glass signage and features that mirror your brand identity to stand out in a crowded space. That means you can choose your stained glass design, size, shape and colors.
  • High-impact resistance and high-quality pigmentation create long-lasting stained glass windows and stained glass features.
  • Unique qualities of stained glass provide the right amount of natural light while still creating privacy, making them a great feature to add in waiting rooms and as partitions for restaurant booths.

Memphis Stained Glass for Churches, Temples, and Synagogues

Memphis has always offered a foundation of faith since its founding, welcoming a wide range of houses of worship, including Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Jewish as early as 1870. Currently, Memphis is also home to other faiths, such as Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu as well as mega-churches with expansive structures and cathedrals, temples, and synagogues throughout the city.

With everything from historic church structures to modern architecture, Memphis congregations can consider the timeless beauty and faith-building effects of stained glass. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with Stained Glass Inc. on your Memphis church stained glass project:

  • We offer an extensive collection of religious stained glass designs that cover a wide range of uplifting themes, including Christ’s life and ministry, the saints, the disciples, religious symbols and Biblical scenes. These religious stained glass designs come in an array of styles, including abstract and modern to traditional and classical, such as Tiffany style stained glass.
  • Our stained glass is lead free, providing a safe alternative for the existing stained glass windows or other manufacturers.
  • It is easy to install our stained glass because it simply slots in behind existing glass. This saves on construction time and costs.  Additionally, the stained glass offers additional insulation to reduce drafts and minimize energy consumption.
  • You can choose to add stained glass to other aspects of your religious building besides stained glass windows if that is not an option. Stained Glass Inc. also offers stained glass for altar furniture, ecclesiastical signage, crosses and LED backlit stained glass, which can work in all church structures, including prayer rooms and chapels.
  •          Our stained glass is very affordable. We can work within your budget and provide the best value for your congregation so you can enjoy the beauty, practicality, and energy efficiency it offers.

The Choice for Memphis Stained Glass Projects

Whether you reside or work in Memphis or represent a church in Forrest City, Arkansas, Stained Glass Inc. can provide the highest quality, safest, and value-added stained glass for your church, business, or home.  Our team of stained glass professionals is waiting to answer your questions, make recommendations, and take your order today so you can begin to enjoy the beauty and energy efficiency of stained glass.  Contact us now to get started on your Memphis stained glass project now!