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Stained Glass for Salt Lake City, Utah

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Whether you own a home or business in Salt Lake City or represent a congregation of Salt Lake City faithful, you may want to consider adding stained glass features that enhance the light, beauty, and energy efficiency of your building. Our U.S. stained glass artists can make anything you dream up - from religious themed stained glass windows to stylized landscape stained glass designs for hangings and ceiling fixtures for your Salt Lake City, Utah home, business, or church.

One of two major urban areas in the Great Basin on the Intermountain West area, Salt Lake City is the hub of the Church of Latter Day Saints but has also become a bustling location among its adjoining metropolitan areas, including Provo and Orem, for skiers and snowboarders as well as start-up businesses and artists alike. Nicknamed the "Crossroads of the West," the Salt Lake City area has grown from a mining town to recreational tourist hotspot, U.S. industrial banking center, and previous host of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Temples and Churches

Known for being founded by Mormon settlers, Salt Lake City and its surrounding towns are the headquarters of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. However, with less than half of the population listed as members of the LDS Church, there are now many other religious affiliations. These other affiliations include Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Greek Orthodox, other Christian affiliations and a thriving Jewish community.

Whether you are looking to add lead-free stained glass windows to your church remodel or newly constructed synagogue or you want to include some stained glass features on the interior of a hospital chapel or religious school, such as stained glass lamps, stained glass alter furniture, or LED backlit stained glass ceiling fixtures, Stained Glass Inc. can produce a custom stained glass piece that fits your specifications.

Stained Glass Products for Salt Lake City Homes

Like all major urban hubs, Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas like Provo and Orem have a mix of neighborhood styles - from modern and urban condos to family-friendly suburban homes to historical and classical architectural marvels. There is everything from the trendy Marmalade District to the Victorian era homes of South Temple North's Historical District to the sprawling mansions found in the Foothill and Federal Heights areas.

Many areas have not seen any new construction since the 1970s so many homes are typically renovated, providing an opportunity to not only personalize but also add the energy-efficient option of stained glass windows as well as stained glass door inserts. Since many of the older homes may be somewhat drafty or lack good insulation, you can use our customized stained glass to make a "green" improvement that pays you back in lower energy costs. This return on investment also yields beauty in its rich and colorful display. As an affordable option, our extensive collection of stained glass designs, including those that emulate the style of Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright, provides a creative solution to fit every Salt Lake City home style. If you cannot find what you like from among our thousands of stained glass designs, our U.S. stained glass design and manufacturing artisans located in Texas can create a stained glass masterpiece from your own stained glass design idea.

Stained Glass for Salt Lake City Universities and Colleges

Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas are home to many top-notch universities, including the University of Utah, Utah State University, Brigham Young University, Westminster College, the Art Institute of Salt Lake City and LDS Business College. Your university, college, or seminary can enjoy the addition of stained glass windows, stained glass lighting, and stained glass signage thanks to Stained Glass Inc.'s completely customized, factory-direct stained glass designs made to your specifications. Here are some ways to enhance the look and feel of your Salt Lake City university or college:

  • Celebrate the school's heritage by adding a stained glass feature with a mascot, crest, or school name, such as a stained glass sign for a building or as part of a stained glass dome in an auditorium or administrative building.
  • Recognize a donor, patron, or graduating class by adding their name to a stained glass hanging or stained glass window housed in a school auditorium or library.
  • Embellish a campus building and add more natural light like an indoor swimming pool room or a classroom.

Commercial Stained Glass Applications for Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the cultural, financial, and economic center of Utah, offering a wide range of venues, office buildings, and commercial structures that represent a diverse set of architectural styles. This includes modern buildings as well as historical structures like the idyllic specialty shops of Sugar House. Any and all of these commercial structures could benefit from Stained Glass Inc.'s extensive collection of stained glass designs that can be custom made to fit any space without the expense of construction or remodeling.

There are measurable benefits to adding our stained glass to your Salt Lake City business:

  • Adds beauty and natural light to brighten a space or room;
  • Increases insulation and helps to regulate internal temperature to save on energy costs;
  • Provides a way to personalize a business; and
  • Offers flexibility to be used for different applications, including office partitions and dividers, skylight covers, and stained glass door inserts.

All stained glass can be customized and even personalized, adding a company's name or logo to the stained glass design to enhance your branding efforts.

Working with Us on Your Salt Lake City Stained Glass Project

Partnering with Stained Glass Inc. is the convenient and affordable way to enjoy custom stained glass in your Salt Lake City, Orem, Provo, Clearfield, Summit Park or Heber home, business, or church. Direct ordering and shipping from our U.S. studios in Texas saves time and money so you can enjoy the beauty and practicality of stained glass in your Salt Lake City restaurant, library, university, temple or home. Contact us now to get started on your Salt Lake City, Utah stained glass project!