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Stained Glass Inc.’s custom and lead-free stained glass designs, proudly made in the United States, are the perfect addition to your Pittsburgh church, business, commercial building or home in the Pittsburgh area. Incorporating a stained glass feature to your Pittsburgh business or home is a great way to reflect the area’s core manufacturing capabilities and rich history as a powerful metropolitan area.  With a focus on craftsmanship, quality, and durability, our stained glass inserts and stained glass panels provide long-lasting beauty that can enhance both the exterior and interior of your Pittsburgh church, home, or business.

Encompassing three states, the Pittsburgh, PA Tri-State area is an expansive metropolitan area, making it the largest population center in the Ohio River Valley and Appalachia. The area, known as a hub for steel, gas, oil, financial services, robotics, technology and education, Southwestern Pennsylvania consists of the Weirton, West Virginia and Steubenville, Ohio metropolitan areas along with the micropolitan area of Indiana, Pennsylvania.

With so many cultures shaping and influencing this area, Pittsburgh has a vibrant cultural district that features museums, libraries and parks, many of which highlight the area’s leadership in glass with stained glass art found throughout the commercial and residential districts.  

Stained Glass for Pittsburgh Homes

Earning the title as America’s most livable city and becoming one of the best U.S. metro areas for job growth, those who call Pittsburgh home as well as those who live in nearby Steubenville, Weirton, New Castle and Indiana all focus on personalizing their homes and establishing tight-knit communities.  With over 90 neighborhoods just in Pittsburgh alone, the area is replete with a wide range of architectural styles and types of homes all ready to be enhanced with everything from traditional to contemporary stained glass designs.

Whether you are looking to add color to your downtown condo, create suncatchers, or add privacy to a bathroom area in your historic brick or stone home, Stained Glass Inc. is your partner for high-quality, durable stained glass that is fade resistant and offers many years of beauty. Our custom stained glass designs can be resized to fit everything from an entryway to a door to a bedroom window in your Pittsburgh home.

Pittsburgh: A Pillar of Higher Education

The Tri-State area is known for its many campuses of higher education, including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, Point Park University and Chatham University. Your university or college could emulate the same attention to beauty and detail as these universities by also adding stained glass to your structures, including stained glass for libraries, stained glass domes for auditoriums and theatres, stained glass gazebos and stained glass windows for classrooms and administrative buildings.

It’s easy to add this beautiful feature to a college or university even if you are not currently remodeling any structures because it slots in behind existing glass and is made to your size and shape specifications. Plus, it is virtually unbreakable so it can survive any type of accident or weather.  Having it shipped directly to your campus also saves you time and money so it can be installed and displayed as quickly as possible.

Helping to “Green” Pittsburgh Businesses with Energy-Efficient Stained Glass

Pittsburgh is known as a leader in environmental architectural design with ten completely green buildings, so it only makes sense to help the metropolitan area become as green as possible.

You can do your part by adding lead-free stained glass windows that bring in more natural light and block UV rays as well as reduce drafts and add insulation. This helps to regulate an office building’s internal temperature while brightening up dark spaces without using any extra energy.

Throughout the area, including Appalachia, many commercial buildings, government buildings, casinos, office buildings and museums can benefit from Stained Glass Inc.’s energy-efficient stained glass inserts, including stained glass domes and LED backlit stained glass.

Incorporating Stained Glass in Pittsburgh Churches

Pittsburgh churches that are remodeling or looking to improve their energy consumption should consider adding Stained Glass Inc. panels and inserts to their houses of worship. All denominations of Christianity are represented within the Tri-State area, including Roman Catholicism, Presbyterian, Protestant, Methodist and Baptist. The Pittsburgh area also has numerous Jewish communities where synagogues and local Jewish faith centers provide a pillar of strength for those neighborhoods.

Located throughout the city and representing 19th century architecture as well as newly constructed modern buildings, these churches and synagogues can add many different stained glass elements to their structures to glorify God, inspire their congregations, and beautify their communities. These stained glass features can include alter furniture stained glass, stained glass crosses, ecclesiastical signage in stained glass, stained glass lamps, and stained glass hangings for memorials, prayer rooms, wedding chapels and donor recognition. Other options for church stained glass include LED backlit stained glass that can be positioned around the alter as well as part of the ceiling as a domed stained glass feature.

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Wherever you are located in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area, we can ensure you satisfy all of your stained glass needs. Whether you are in New Castle or Indiana, Pennsylvania; Steubenville, Ohio; or Weirton, West Virginia, we have answers for your questions about stained glass for the Pittsburg, PA area and we can make recommendations on the best choice for your stained glass windows, door inserts, art hangings or lighting.