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Raleigh, NC Stained Glass Panels and Stained Glass Inserts

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Raleigh is an area where Stained Glass Inc. can make quite an impression with local homeowners, church congregations, and businesses for our high-quality, lead-free custom stained glass. Every stained glass feature we manufacture is done by talented stained glass artists at our factory in Greenville, Texas and shipped directly to your Raleigh business, Chapel Hill Church, or Durham home, providing a convenient and economical way to fulfill your dream of stained glass. From personalized service to lead-free materials to an extensive catalogue of stained glass designs, styles, and features, Stained Glass Inc. is your partner for Raleigh stained glass.

As the capital of North Carolina and the second largest city in the state, Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks and is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the country, serving as a hub for technology, business, industry, art and culture, history and education. Raleigh was even voted as the top city to live in 2011 by Businessweek.com as well as the best place for business and careers in 2012 by Forbes. Other accolades have been to be voted as a top city for health and happiness, newlyweds, bargain retirement homes, safety, technology jobs and educated workers. This makes it a truly ideal spot for young professionals, families, and retired people to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Commercial Stained Glass for Raleigh Businesses and Universities

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill make up what has become known as the Research Triangle, as it is home to three research universities – North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – as well as the location of numerous technology start-ups, entrepreneurs, and major technology companies.  

The triangle houses everything from industrial parks and skyscrapers to historic buildings, refurbished factories for retail stores and restaurants, and historic homes that now house local businesses. Raleigh area universities also offer both historic and traditional to modern architecture.  Any business or university can differentiate itself with unique stained glass signage or a beautiful stained glass window that will draw in customers and natural light, alike, while regulating the internal comfort level and offering a great environmentally-friendly feature.  Other stained glass features can include privacy screens or partitions that help break up a loft space into waiting areas separate from the rest of the office. Universities can also add special features like a stained glass dome to campus buildings, including libraries or research facilities, or they can enhance their school spirit through a colorful stained glass sign, window, or door insert.

Stained Glass Panels for Raleigh Homes

Raleigh and its surrounding communities provide a range of neighborhood options for everyone from young professionals, families, students and retired people. The area is divided into four key areas, including the Beltline with many mixed use neighborhoods, urban residences, and family communities as well as North Raleigh, West and Southwest Raleigh, and South and East Raleigh. Downtown Raleigh features many historic homes as well as new urban lofts and townhouses.

Whatever style home you may have, you will most likely personalize it to suit your tastes and make it feel comfortable and relaxed. A great way to help your loft or tract home stand apart from the rest or to update your historic home is to add a stained glass window, stained glass transom window, stained glass door insert or stained glass skylight cover. Maybe you have an arts and crafts style home that could be enhanced by a Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass insert or a bungalow that could be refreshed with a Tiffany style stained glass window. Whatever you decide to add, know that Stained Glass Inc. professionals will work with you on a stained glass design from our catalogue or one that you may have dreamed up and turn it into something you can easily install in your home and enjoy for years to come.

Raleigh Church Stained Glass  

The Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas are home to many churches, temples, and synagogues, representing all religious denominations. West Raleigh even has the distinction of housing the nation’s smallest Roman Catholic cathedral known as Sacred Heart Cathedral.  Throughout the area, there are old and new churches and houses of worship with varying architecture that represent the Lutheran, Methodist, Southern Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian and Jewish faiths.

Our religious stained glass windows are a perfect fit for any church, synagogue, or temple in the Raleigh area because they are made to your size, shape, design and color specifications. Not only are they environmentally sound in providing your Raleigh church with greater insulation and regulated temperature, but they are also free of any lead for the safety of your congregation. You can install our stained glass windows without any construction, saving time and money. Plus, you can add a stained glass feature that fits your budget and your space, including altar furniture, memorial chapels, prayer rooms, wedding chapels, ecclesiastical signage and crosses just to mention a few of our church stained glass applications.

Your Raleigh Stained Glass Project Partner

With our work being housed in some of the country’s most well-known government buildings, churches, museums and hotels, you know that the stained glass feature  you order will get personalized attention to detail and will be made to last for generations to come.  No matter where you are located in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas, our team of highly trained stained glass professionals is here to help – from design assistance to measurements to installation – complete your stained glass project for your business, university, store, office, church or home.  Contact us now to get started!