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Although we are headquartered in Greenville, Texas, Stained Glass Inc. has been serving the entire United States and the world with its premium, custom stained glass, providing a beautiful and affordable solution for some of the country's most well-known churches and structures.  Beyond offering a comprehensive collection of both religious stained glass designs and non-religious stained glass designs, Stained Glass Inc. is known for their quality, craftsmanship, expertise and service as well as excellent wholesale pricing for custom stained glass, delivering so much more than any stained glass retail store in Birmingham.

As a cornerstone of the South, Birmingham is known for its historic significance, including its participation in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as its industrial prowess, higher education, and financial center.  Recently undergoing a rebirth with new downtown area and a push toward diversity, Birmingham is an ideal home for families and young professionals who enjoy a laid back lifestyle and southern charm.

Residential Stained Glass for Birmingham Homes

Birmingham is full of beautiful neighborhoods and districts that offer something for everyone, including prestigious neighborhoods like Red Mountain, the diverse neighborhood of Huffman, and the neighborhood full of natural views known as Mountain Brook. Whether you are living in a historic home, cottage, townhouse or apartment in Birmingham, you are sure to want to personalize it with your own decor and style.

One way to personalize your residence is to add a stained glass feature.  Stained Glass Inc. has the stained glass designs and applications that offer beauty, natural light, and energy efficiency. Our affordable stained glass products for your Birmingham home include stained glass for:

All of these options mean you can add stained glass in various places throughout the home, bringing in light, creating colorful effects, and adding more insulation to reduce drafts. The use of high-quality mineral pigments and heat fusion technology means that our stained glass products last for years and are highly impact resistant.

Whether you have your own stained glass in mind or you want to use one of the many stained glass designs in our catalogue, including landscape and nature as well as patterns that emulate Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany, our stained glass is made by U.S. stained glass artists that use heat fusion technology and polymer glass to create handcrafted, lead-free stained glass that is made to last. You can have it custom made in any size and shape and have it delivered direct from the factory to your Birmingham home.

Birmingham Commercial and University Stained Glass Applications

From the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the numerous colleges throughout Birmingham to the Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, resorts and hotels and retail hubs, Birmingham has a thriving academic and business community. Whatever type of business you operate, Stained Glass Inc. has something to offer you:

  • A significant catalogue of stained glass designs;
  • The ability to take your stained glass design, including company or university name, logo, and symbol and turn it into a stunning stained glass sign or window;
  • A traditional stained glass process that uses advanced technology to create impact-resistant stained glass;
  • Lead-free stained glass
  • A fast and easy installation process, which saves you time and money; and
  • A professional team of stained glass experts who can help you plan your stained glass project.

In return, you will be able to enjoy some great benefits by adding a stained glass feature to your university or business:

  • Draws attention to your business or location by setting it apart with a unique look using a sign or window;
  • Enhances your brand equity and creates a memorable impression;
  • Offers energy efficiency that regulates temperature, helping to save on your energy costs;
  • Introduces more natural light, which has been shown to improve mood and productivity;
  • Solves privacy issues without darkening spaces by using the stained glass as a divider or partition; and
  • Adds unique décor items to set your business apart, including creating stunning stained glass ceilings and domes and stained glass transom windows.

Stained Glass for Birmingham Houses of Worship


Birmingham is home to a diverse religious population with numerous churches, temples, and synagogues with the second highest ratio of Christians and highest ratio of Protestants in the United States. Home to the Roman Catholic Diocese for the state as well as the location for Greek, Russian and American Orthodox churches as well as a Unitarian Universalist church, faith is important to the peoples of Birmingham.

The Stained Glass Inc. difference includes stained glass that can be customized, personalized with inscriptions or plaques, a wealth of religious stained glass designs, and stained glass features that go beyond the traditional church stained glass window. This includes such unique features as stained glass crosses, stained glass altar furniture, stained glass for chapels and prayer rooms, ecclesiastical signage, stained glass hangings and stained glass lighting.  Our stained glass orders are easy to install behind existing glass, saving on construction or remodeling costs. The Stained Glass Inc. catalogue of religious stained glass designs has a wide range of themes and styles -- from the life of Christ, the saints, Biblical scenes and religious symbols to abstract, contemporary, and traditional styles, including those that emulate Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Your Birmingham, Alabama Stained Glass Project Partner

If you are ready to start your stained glass project in Birmingham, Hoover, Talladega, Cullman or Sylacagua, our team of skilled stained glass professionals are available to answer your questions about measuring, stained glass design, ordering, installation and shipping. Contact us now to get started so you can enjoy the  beauty, elegance, practicality and energy efficiency of stained glass in your Birmingham church, business, or home.