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Stained Glass Inc. offers affordable custom stained glass that is sure to meet your needs or project guidelines whether it is for a Jacksonville church, business, or residence. Our stained glass products include traditional stained glass windows with religious and non-religious themes as well as unique stained glass features, such as stained glass lighting, stained glass paintings, and stained glass hangings. All of our stained glass is handmade in Greenville, Texas by a team of skilled stained glass artisans who custom design the lead-free, environmentally friendly stained glass to your size, shape, design and color specifications. Known around the country and world for our quality, value, and knowledge, Stained Glass Inc. is your partner for factory-direct stained glass that you will enjoy for years to come.

As the largest city in Florida by population and the largest in the U.S. by area, Jacksonville offers something for everyone, including entrepreneurs and businesses, families and young professionals, and the retired. Its diversity provides a wealth of culture while its waterside location makes it a central stopping off point for commerce and trade.

Jacksonville Residential Stained Glass

Within Jacksonville, there are over 500 neighborhoods spread across the wide area that makes up the city and the surrounding metropolitan communities. Within these neighborhoods is every architectural style imaginable, reflecting different ethnic backgrounds, historical time periods, and cultural preferences. From historic communities like LaVilla, Springfield, and Brooklyn to high-end communities like Ortega with its waterfront mansions to working class communities like New Town to the Jacksonville beach communities that contain quaint cottages and plush vacation homes.

Whatever style of home you call your castle in Jacksonville, Stained Glass Inc. has the stained glass design and stained glass feature that could enhance its look and feel as well as personalize your residence. Here are some great stained glass additions you can make to your home that are affordable, environmentally-friendly, and easy to install:

Jacksonville Commercial Stained Glass Applications

Whether it is for a Jacksonville university, retail operation, office or hospitality business, our stained glass can provide a wide range of advantages over other stained glass retailers as well as offer some key benefits for your business. Setting ourselves apart from other stained glass retailers, Stained Glass Inc. offers:

  • The largest catalogue of stained glass designs;
  • Traditional stained glass technique combined with state-of-the-art technology to create the most durable, highly impact-resistant stained glass;
  • No lead in any of our stained glass;
  • Completely customizable stained glass that can also be personalized with a plaque or inscription;
  • Easy installation process; and
  • Team of responsive and knowledgeable stained glass professionals to help you from ordering to shipping to installation. 

For universities, such as University of North Florida, Florida State College, St. Johns River State College, Jacksonville University and Edward Waters College, as well as hotels, retailers, and other commercial applications, there are some key advantages to adding stained glass to your structure:

  • Offers unique signage and draws attention to your business or location;
  • Delivers greater energy efficiency by reducing drafts and regulating temperature;
  • Shines more light on interior spaces;
  • Solves privacy issues without darkening spaces; and
  • Adds unique decor items to set your business apart.

From stained glass ceilings and domes and stained glass transom windows to stained glass signage and stained glass partitions and dividers, Stained Glass Inc. can make your Jacksonville business or Jacksonville university stand out.

Stained Glass for Jacksonville Churches

Stained Glass Inc. is proud to serve the diverse religious population of Jacksonville, which includes a wide range of churches, temples, and synagogues. Many of the Jacksonville churches are architectural marvels in their own right, including St. Paul’s by the Sea, Unitarian Universalist Church, and Riverside Baptist Church, illustrating how the beauty of stained glass can enhance the look of your Jacksonville house of worship and glorify God.

We offer a number of stained glass features that you can incorporate into your Jacksonville church that will align with your architectural style, space, interior design and budget. Whether you are a new church build or simply remodeling your church, you can add our stained glass windows, wall and door inserts, and hangings at any point in the process. Or, if you prefer to simply brighten your church’s interior, you can use our stained glass crosses, stained glass altar furniture, stained glass for chapels and prayer rooms, and stained glass lighting.

Our religious stained glass designs are sure to offer a theme that meets your congregation’s focus whether that includes the life of Christ, the saints, or a religious symbol of the Jewish faith.

Start Your Jacksonville Stained Glass Project!

Now is the time to start on that stained glass project for your Jacksonville church, St. Marys business, or Palatka home.  We can offer you the convenience and value of ordering direct from the Stained Glass Inc. factory located in Greenville, Texas. Our team of professional stained glass artists and sales staff are available to answer all your questions, make recommendations, and take your stained glass order today. Contact us now to get started!