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 Stained Glass Inc. knows what it takes to create high-quality, lead free stained glass. After all, we have been manufacturing it for decades from our Greenville, Texas factory, using the best stained glass artists available and installing stained glass in some of the world’s most well-known churches, universities, hotels and casinos, and businesses not to mention homes across the country, including Oklahoma City. Beyond just a stained glass window manufacturer, Stained Glass Inc. is a stained glass art company that makes all types of stained glass applications, including unique features like stained glass paintings and LED backlit stained glass. Our quality, pricing, and service are the reasons why we are so often selected over traditional stained glass retail stores.

As the capital of Oklahoma and the 8th largest city in the U.S. by area, Oklahoma City blends country and city lives through a mix of farming, agriculture, oil and enterprise. The mix of heritage and modern development along with a high affordability index make it an ideal location for new businesses, families, and professionals alike. Stained Glass Inc. is here to work with Oklahoma City congregations, businesses, and residents on personalizing their Oklahoma City structure.

Oklahoma City Residential Stained Glass

No matter where you live in Oklahoma City – from the revitalized downtown area with apartments, lofts, and townhomes to the large homes in Heritage Hills and the eclectic look of the Cottage District – stained glass makes sense as a feature that will add personality, uniqueness, beauty and practicality to your home.  There are many additional benefits to working with Stained Glass Inc. on a residential stained glass project for your Oklahoma City home:

  • Our stained glass products are made from polymer glass and use heat fusion technology to create high-impact resistant stained glass that locks in the high-quality pigments for long-lasting beauty.
  • We have an extensive catalogue of stained glass designs, including landscape, nature, abstract, traditional and classical stained glass themes.
  • Our stained glass is completely customizable in terms of size, shape, color and design so that it  fits your home’s architectural style and interior design.
  • Other stained glass features can be included in your home outside the traditional stained glass windows or stained glass door and wall inserts. These include stained glass paintings, stained glass hangings, and stained glass lamps and lighting.

Oklahoma  Commercial and University Stained Glass  

 Throughout Oklahoma City, there are many types of architectural styles that meld the historic like the Colcord Building, the city’s first skyscraper and now a boutique hotel, and the entertainment district known as Bricktown as well as Stockyards City with the modern developments that are revitalizing the area.

Additionally, Oklahoma City is home to a wide range of colleges and universities, including Oklahoma City University, many University of Oklahoma campuses, and the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. These institutions of higher learning can also benefit from the beauty and practicality of stained glass.

Here’s what we can offer retail operations, restaurants, offices, hotels, universities and more in Oklahoma City:

  • Include stained glass signage to stand out among your competition and highlight your brand identity in a stunning, eye-catching way.
  • Use stained glass to bring in more natural light to an office  building and regulate the interior temperature  to help stimulate productivity.
  • Incorporate stained glass into the structure’s design to complement the style of your restaurant, hotel, or retail operation through a stained glass dome, stained glass ceiling, or LED backlit stained glass.
  • Create privacy and designate separate spaces in a unique and beautiful way for waiting rooms, restaurant and club booths, retail dressing rooms and office cubicles.

Despite the complete customization, there is nothing expensive or complicated about what Stained Glass Inc. offers for Oklahoma City businesses. Working with a stained glass wholesaler like us means you can get more for your investment as well as enjoy the added convenience of working directly with the talented stained glass artists that are creating your stained glass project.

Oklahoma City Religious Stained Glass

Oklahoma City has a diverse religious offering for people of all faith, including some stunning historic churches, cathedrals, and chapels as well as modern mega-churches, storefront houses of worship, synagogues and temples. Whether you are looking to remodel an older church and remove unsafe leaded stained glass windows or you are a new congregation under construction, Stained Glass Inc. offers an incredible value proposition when it comes to inspirational and religious stained glass:

  • Incorporating stained glass in your house of worship is an excellent way to elevate spirituality, harmony, and peace for meditation, prayer, and positivity.
  • You can opt for stained glass that brings in natural light or stained glass that offers internal illumination through LED backlighting.
  • We offer an easy installation process that slots the feature behind existing glass. This means you can include it at any point in the construction or remodeling process.
  • Our full line of religious stained glass designs represents all faiths and religious beliefs, including religious symbols and themes, the life of Christ, the saints, Biblical scenes and the life of Mary just to name a few. We can also take your congregation’s religious stained glass design idea and recreate it just for you.
  • We offer a complete personalization service, including inscriptions and plaques for donors, patrons, or loved ones. This is also a perfect way to add a Bible verse or quote to your church stained glass window or ecclesiastical signage.

Oklahoma City Stained Glass Projects

Do not wait any longer to enjoy the beauty of stained glass in your Oklahoma City or Shawnee home.  We offer factory direct pricing, ordering, and shipping on custom stained glass that saves you time and money. Our team of stained glass professionals is with you every step of the way – from ordering to installation – so you can be confident about the investment you are making in stained glass for your Oklahoma City church, business, or residence. Contact us now to get started today!