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Stained Glass Inc. has provided many customers and clientele in the Greenville, SC area with high-quality, customized, and lead-free stained glass products for all types of applications, including businesses, universities, houses of worship and residences. What sets Stained Glass Inc. apart from using a local stained glass retailer in Greenville is our ability to provide you with a direct connection to the U.S. stained glass studio, offering factory direct ordering, shipping, and pricing. Not only does this save you money, but you are also assured that you are getting exactly what you want from highly trained and skilled stained glass artists who can work with every style, theme, size, and design.  Our stained glass projects have included everything from work for famous U.S. government buildings and museums to casinos and hotels to churches around the world.  Working with a stained glass partner with this high-level portfolio means you will get stained glass windows, doors, hangings, lighting and artwork that offer long-lasting beauty.

Located halfway between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville has received a number of accolades that make it a favorite spot for families, young professionals, students, entrepreneurs and even the retired. It has been named as one of the fastest growing cities, one of the strongest job markets, and one of the best cities for young professionals. With many opportunities for work, entertainment, culture and sports, Greenville is a great town to call home – one that can be enhanced with the beauty of our stained glass products.

Greenville Residential Stained Glass

From downtown lifts and luxury condos to suburban areas full of bedroom communities, apartments, and condos, Greenville has something for everyone when it comes to finding the residence that fits your lifestyle. Once you have found the neighborhood you love – whether that is St. Mark, East Park, West End, Heritage, North Main, Overbrook or any of the other communities – it’s time to call that place your own by personalizing it with a stained glass feature.

Here are some great stained glass applications we offer for your Greenville home:

  • Stained glass windows fit for nearly any room, providing light but not compromising privacy. Think about adding stained glass to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room or master bedroom.
  • Stained glass skylight covers bring in natural light while adding to the décor.
  • When upgrading your kitchen, consider stained glass cabinet doors that add whimsy or a cozy touch.
  • Stained glass lighting is a way to include stained glass without making any significant changes.
  • If you have outdoor spaces, think about adding stained glass to your gazebo, green house, conservatory, or swimming pool room to carry the beauty to other aspects of your home.
  • Transom windows are another way to introduce stained glass.
  • Wall inserts near a fireplace or stairwell also add light and colorful effects without taking away from privacy in the home.
  • From the exterior door to interior doors throughout the home, stained glass can be added in multiple sizes of inserts to personalize and customize your Greenville residence.

Greenville Commercial Stained Glass Applications  

Currently undergoing a comprehensive revitalization, the urban core of Greenville now has many office buildings, restaurants, retail shops and entertainment venues while the nearby communities offer a wide range of higher education opportunities, including University Center of Greenville, South Carolina College of Pharmacy, Greenville Technical College, North Greenville University, Furman University and numerous religious and theological schools, along with hotels, resorts, office complexes and small businesses.

Here’s what Stained Glass Inc. can do for your office, retail operation, university or entertainment venue:

  • Attract customers by standing out with a stained glass sign, storefront, or window.
  • Emphasize your brand with stained glass that highlights your logo, colors, or mascot.
  • Offer unique décor with breathtaking stained glass ceilings, domes, and lighting.
  • Create privacy with stained glass partitions and dividers.
  • Help improve the energy efficiency of your building with stained glass that insulates, reduces glare, and regulates temperature.
  • Boost productivity through mood-lifting stained glass that brightens rooms and introduces more natural light thought to help reduce stress and increase energy.

Stained Glass for Greenville Churches, Temples, and Synagogues

Located within the Bible Belt, Greenville is a highly religious area with many affiliations of faith, including Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and Jewish among many more.  From traditional chapels and neighborhood churches to storefront houses of worship, temples, and synagogues, stained glass has been a way for houses of worship to highlight and illustrate their belief systems.

Helping Greenville churches, temples, and synagogues to do this, Stained Glass Inc. offers many benefits for congregations seeking to add or upgrade their stained glass features:

  • Remove any unhealthy, unsafe leaded stained glass and easily replace it with custom, lead-free stained glass that has been made to order to fit the same space.
  • Add inspiration and light to your house of worship, removing dark and dreary spaces and replacing them with bright, beautiful sacred spaces.
  • Improve your house of worship’s insulation with our stained glass inserts, including reducing drafts, creating a comfortable indoor environment, and slashing heating and cooling bills.
  • Design your own stained glass design or choose from our religious stained glass designs, which cover aspects of many faiths, including religious symbols, sayings, images, and people like the Life of Jesus, the apostles, the saints, Mary and more.

Your Partner for Greenville Stained Glass Projects

From Greenville, Greenwood, and Gaffney to Spartanburg, Anderson, Seneca and Mauldin, we have you covered for stained glass that fits your home, business, university or church. Our team is waiting to take your call or receive your email with your stained glass order, including your stained glass specifications and stained glass design. We can answer any and all questions you have as well as provide specific ordering, shipping, and installation instructions.Contact us now to get started on your Greenville stained glass project today!