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Working with many Cincinnati businesses, homeowners, and congregations on stained glass projects, Stained Glass inc. is your partner for any type of stained glass window, stained glass lighting, stained glass feature or stained glass insert you are considering. Unlike Cincinnati stained glass retailers, we offer some key advantages that add value and convenience to your stained glass project:

  • Factory direct ordering and shipping saves time and money.
  • We use lead-free materials and polymer glass to make safe, long-lasting stained glass.
  • Our catalogue of stained glass designs numbers into the thousands and offers religious and non-religious themes and images in a wide array of styles and colors.
  • All of our stained glass is created in our Greenville, Texas factory by U.S. stained glass artists.

The metropolitan area of Cincinnati, Ohio encompasses a wide area and includes Northern Kentucky and parts of Indiana. Along with the urban development as a central hub of Ohio, the area around Cincinnati offers a wide range of townships, counties, and small towns that offer all the benefits of a suburban life.  As the first city founded after the American Revolution and located in the center of the country, Cincinnati is known as a truly American city. Its heartland feel continues today with local American flavor and patriotism as well as a focus on sports, culture, and business. It has also been ranked as one of the best cities for raising a family as well as one of the most livable cities in the country.

Stained Glass for Cincinnati Homes

 Throughout the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, there are over 200 neighborhoods and communities that offer something for everyone – from families to the retired to the single – including over 50 neighborhoods just in the Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati offers a wide range of beautiful historic architecture, especially in neighborhoods like Over-the-Rhine, which has the largest collection of Italianate architecture, and Price Hill. There are also numerous family-friendly areas like Montgomery, Blue Ash, Clifton and Western Hills where idyllic, tree-lined streets are reminiscent of the 1950s and where kids and parents can feel safe. Other areas offer trendy neighborhoods like Downtown, Northside, and Hyde Park, which are perfect for young professionals.

No matter where you pick to call home in Cincinnati and the nearby areas of Kentucky and Indiana, consider personalizing your space or completing a historical home restoration with stained glass features.  Our collection of stained glass designs for homes includes those created in the style of Tiffany as well as other artistic styles, such as abstract, minimalist, and impressionism. In addition to the stunning stained glass designs that can enhance your Cincinnati home, we also offer some unique stained glass features, including stained glass lamps, stained glass for greenhouses and conservatories, transom windows and stained glass skylight covers.

Cincinnati University Stained Glass

 The Cincinnati metropolitan area is rich in institutions of higher learning, including the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Cincinnati Christian University and Art Academy of Cincinnati. In nearby Indiana, there is also Ivy Tech Community College as well as Northern Kentucky University and Thomas More University in Kentucky.

Enhance your school’s spirit and draw attention to the beauty of your campus with stained glass features designed to match your school colors, mascot, and identity.  It’s an affordable design and architectural element that our stained glass artisans can create to fit any style, opening, or area. Affordable stained glass features ideal for a college or university include stained glass signage, stained glass domes, stained glass ceilings, stained glass for libraries, stained glass windows for offices and classrooms, and LED backlit stained glass. With the ability to personalize, these stained glass features make an excellent way to recognize a university donor or patron, a faculty member, or a graduating class. None of our stained glass features require construction because they are made to fit your existing spaces plus they can be added at any point to your Cincinnati college or university.

Stained Glass Applications for Cincinnati Businesses

Along with the historical architecture found in the residential districts of Cincinnati and the surrounding areas in Kentucky and Indiana, the business districts also offers some beautiful examples of classic architectural styles.  

Whether your business is located among these beautiful buildings or is part of new developments like the Banks’ urban neighborhood of offices, clubs, and restaurants or part of the main business area, stained glass can offer a unique way to create signage or ambiance for your space, drawing customers and patrons in with its beauty and color. With everything from historical buildings that are being restored to brand new “green” structures for businesses, a stained glass feature can be added to help regulate the temperature, brighten a space, and add beauty all of which can help those working inside feel more comfortable and productive.

Our stained glass is also a unique way to divide up spaces within a business, adding privacy without making a space too dark. Offering complete customization and personalization to any stained glass design or one you provide, our stained glass is the perfect solution for your Cincinnati business.

Religious Stained Glass for Cincinnati Churches

 In the heartland of Cincinnati as well as Indiana and Kentucky, religioun is a strong fabric that binds communities together across multiple religious affiliations. This includes Roman Catholic, Methodist, Evangelical, Baptist, Jewish, Lutheran and Presbyterian denominations located throughout the cities of the tri-state area.

Whether your church is considered a historic structure or it is newly built, our religious stained glass designs and stained glass products can be an ideal solution, helping to bolster the congregation’s faith through inspiring religious imagery and themes as well as offering an excellent light source, focal point, and energy efficient feature. A key advantage with Stained Glass Inc. is the ability to work directly with us as a U.S. manufacturer of lead-free stained glass and have it shipped straight to your house of worship, which helps keep the costs low on custom, gallery-quality stained glass. You can also add the stained glass to your Cincinnati church after construction or remodeling is finished because it simply is placed behind existing glass or can be easily mounted or hung in minutes.

Your Cincinnati Stained Glass is Waiting for You!

When you are ready to add the beauty and practicality of stained glass to your Cincinnati business, Cincinnati church, or Cincinnati home, we are your stained glass partner of choice. Contact us now to find out just how easy it is to enjoy the unique artistry of stained glass windows and stained glass panels, adding light, color, and energy efficiency without spending a fortune. Our team of stained glass artists and stained glass professionals in Greenville, Texas are waiting to speak to you and provide recommendations on stained glass designs, stained glass measurements, stained glass shipping and stained glass installation.