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While you may be considering stained glass retailers in Hartford, they may not offer the comprehensive service and selection of Stained Glass Inc. Our custom, handmade stained glass windows, stained glass door and wall inserts, stained glass lighting, stained glass paintings and stained glass hangings are renowned the world over for their quality, durability, and design. Many famous buildings around the country and globe feature our stained glass products, including government buildings, hotels and resorts, casinos and churches. Whether you have a church, business, or home in Hartford or the surrounding areas, you can now work with Stained Glass Inc. on a custom, lead-free stained glass project, including selecting from our religious stained glass designs or non-religious stained glass designs, which are proudly made in Greenville, Texas by our team of experienced stained glass artisans.

As an independent metropolitan area that thrives on a strong economy tied to the insurance industry, a vibrant music and arts scene, and an idyllic setting for families and young professionals, Hartford offers something for everyone. Throughout the city, its neighborhoods, and surrounding communities, Stained Glass Inc. is the ideal stained glass partner to add timeless beauty to wherever you live or work.

Residential Stained Glass for Hartford

Hartford has some of the country’s oldest, historic, and most diverse neighborhoods, including the historic residences of Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain. From diverse and ethnic neighborhoods like Frog Hollow, South End and Little Italy, and Clay-Arsenal  to new developments in Sheldon and Charter Oak to the historic district with Greek Revival and Italianate homes of South Green to the suburbs of Southwest, Behind the Rocks, and Blue Hills.

Stained Glass Inc. delivers a number of advantages to home owners throughout Hartford for their historic home, family residence, or urban abode:

  • Adds style, color, and charm to any residence.
  • Streams natural light without compromising privacy.
  • Eliminates glare.
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption by cutting out drafts.
  • Creates a custom and personalized style for a home, apartment, loft or townhouse.

From cabinet doors and transom windows to sun catchers and skylight covers to conservatories and libraries, stained glass features provide light, beauty, and energy efficiency for your Hartford home.

Stained Glass for Hartford Universities and Businesses

Along with the historic residences in Hartford, the area also has some of the country’s oldest established businesses, including a wide range of insurance companies and corporations, and pillars of higher learning. This includes Trinity College, the University of Connecticut School of Law, University of Hartford, Hartford Seminary and Saint Joseph College. Hartford is also a center for medical care and research, housing Hartford Hospital, Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center, The Institute of Living and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  Many areas of Hartford are also undergoing significant redevelopment with new business centers, offices and trade structures, and retail operations.

From Hartford government buildings to hotels and restaurants to hospitals and universities, Stained Glass Inc. can offer a wide range of benefits that make the case for including stained glass features:

  • Adds to a business or school’s décor and overall look.
  • Emphasizes school spirit.
  • Provides decorative signage and lighting.
  • Offers abundant source of natural light.
  • Honors supporters and donors.
  • Creates privacy and divides up large spaces.
  • Sets business apart from the competition.
  • Offers energy efficiency and creates a comfortable internal space.

All stained glass designs can be customized or a business, university, or retailer can provide their own stained glass design to match their logo, crest, or brand.  Other advantages include easy installation, high-impact resistance, durability, long-lasting color and lead-free manufacturing. Because you can order direct and have it shipped from the factory, our stained glass is also very affordable.

Hartford Church Stained Glass  

One of the most beautiful structures in Hartford is the Cathedral of St. Joseph, which is highlighted by the large Parisian stained glass windows that illuminate the building and highlight its other features like the 8,000 pipe organ and massive ceramic tile mural. Other churches in Hartford also stand out, including the Center Church, the Trinity Episcopal Church, and Christ Church Cathedral.

Whether you are looking to include a stained glass window in your new church build project, replace leaded stained glass windows in a historic building, or include an interior stained glass feature for your temple or synagogue, consider the value and expertise that Stained Glass Inc. has to offer your congregation:

  • Adds beauty and warmth.
  • Encourages worship and fellowship.
  • Expresses a wide range of faith-building themes, concepts, and images across an extensive catalogue of religious stained glass designs.
  • Creates a mood of peace, tranquility, reflection and contemplation.
  • Brightens a space with natural light and colorful effects.
  • Minimizes drafts and adds energy efficiency, especially for older church structures.
  • Helps to make the space safer by offering an alternative to leaded stained glass.
  • Provides a way to personalize for a donor, remember a loved one, or inspire the congregation with a Bible quote inscribed in the stained glass.
  • Delivers flexibility through the ability to add stained glass in a number of ways, including traditional stained glass windows, stained glass door inserts, stained glass ecclesiastical signage, stained glass ceilings, stained glass hangings, stained glass alter furniture or LED back-lit stained glass.

All of these stained glass benefits are available at an affordable price to ensure your congregation can add a spiritually inspiring work to your house of worship.

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