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Stained Glass Inc. has been serving the Grand Rapids, Michigan area for years, offering the best selection and prices on wholesale, custom stained glass windows, door inserts, hangings, lighting, signage and paintings as well as ceilings and domes, skylight covers and altar furniture for local churches. Partnering with us on your Grand Rapids stained glass project means you will be able to select your size and shape, stained glass design, and colors directly from our U.S. factory located in Greenville, Texas. We have been working with customers around the world for decades, and our work appears in some of the most well-known buildings, churches, hotels, casinos and museums, testifying to our quality and craftsmanship. Whether you are thinking of adding a stained glass window to your Grand Rapids church, a hanging to your Ionia business, or stained glass feature to your Big Rapids home, your best choice is Stained Glass Inc.

As the second largest city in Michigan behind Detroit, Grand Rapids is known as the "Furniture City"; because of serving as headquarters to so many furniture companies. Throughout the recent economic downturn, the city has continued to maintain its financial strength and offer many amenities for young professionals and families alike.

Residential Stained Glass for Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids has all types of communities and neighborhoods to choose from, depending on what you are looking for and your lifestyle choices. It offers the largest urban historic district in the country known as Heritage Hills with many types of homes and architectural styles to choose from while Eastown has a great bohemian-style feel full of mixed use structure. One of the most desirable neighborhoods is Belknap Lookout with parks, diverse communities, and large homes. Then there is Garfield Park, which is family friendly while Michigan Oaks offers three lakes and plenty of recreational activities similar to Midtown.

No matter what the neighborhood or style of Grand Rapids home, you should consider the benefits of incorporating stained glass in the exterior and interior features. Here’s why:

  • Personalizes your home;
  • Adds drama and beauty;
  • Provides strength beyond what regular glass can offer;
  • Introduces more natural light and colorful effects into your home;
  • Delivers flexibility in its ability to be used throughout a home – from kitchen cabinets, skylights, and bathroom windows to libraries, studies, and conservatories; and
  • Helps to insulate a home, saving on cooling and heating costs.

Every stained glass design can be customized and fitted to your existing window, wall, or door, making it easy and affordable to add this energy-efficient solution to your Grand Rapids home.  You can also consider simply adding a stained glass lamp in various rooms to add warmth and beauty.

Stained Glass for Grand Rapids Universities and Businesses

Grand Rapids is a mix of historic and modern buildings with many prominent skyscrapers combined with smaller, mixed use buildings as well as local small businesses. The area also offers many higher education institutions, including Aquinas College, Davenport University, Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall College of Art and Design, and Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Whether you represent a hotel or resort, university and college, commercial office space, retail operation, or entertainment venue like a restaurant, stained glass is a feature that will yield a wide range of advantages:

  • Adds a distinctive look and prestigious flair with unique colors and designs;
  • Matches décor and architecture for a uniform look;
  • Provides a way to honor a donor or leader;
  • Offers a way to enhance a brand or school;
  • Delivers natural light to improve mood and overall feel of an indoor space;
  • Helps regulate indoor temperature for energy and utility savings;
  • Creates privacy and partitions off spaces; and
  • Sets your business or school apart with a unique and inviting look.

Best of all, our stained glass features are an affordable option that can be completely customized to incorporate your preferred design statement and color scheme. You can work directly with our stained glass artisans to also create your own stained glass design that represents your Grand Rapids business or university.

Grand Rapids Church Stained Glass

A variety of religious faiths are represented in Grand Rapids with many offering some beautiful historic buildings while others have introduced stunning modern styles. From small community churches and mega churches to storefront houses of worship and temples, all can benefit from incorporating a stained glass feature from Stained Glass Inc.:

  • Replace unsafe leaded glass windows with safe lead-free stained glass made from polymer and heat fusion technology.
  • Custom size stained glass to fit existing windows and doors to easily install our stained glass behind existing glass to save time and money on construction.
  • Inspire your congregation with religious stained glass designs that reflect your beliefs, incorporating religious symbols, saints, scenes of faith and inspirational sayings.
  • Enhance the beauty and feel of any sacred space.
  • Improve the insulation of your house of worship by reducing drafts and installing stained glass windows that regulate the temperature and decrease utility costs.
  • Provide greater security by incorporating our stained glass, which is proven to be 80 times stronger than regular glass.

If you are not ready to install a stained glass window, you might consider some of our other religious stained glass features, including altar furniture, ecclesiastical signage, crosses, LED backlit stained glass designs and stained glass hangings or screens.

Getting Started on Your Grand Rapids Stained Glass Project!

Now is the time to get started on that stained glass project you’ve been dreaming about for your Grand Rapids home, congregation, or business. Our team of seasoned stained glass professionals can answer your questions, plan your stained glass project, take your order, and provide recommendations on design and installation. You don’t need to buy from a Grand Rapids stained glass retail store when you can partner with an experienced wholesale stained glass retailer like Stained Glass Inc. who has the best selection, price, and service available. Contact us now so you can enjoy the beauty and timeless elegance of stained glass today!