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Are you looking for the best stained glass partner in the Orlando area? Stained Glass Inc. is that Orlando partner because we have the best stained glass designs, stained glass materials and technology, stained glass talent, and stained glass prices for the Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Kissimmee area. Whether you are looking for stained glass doors or stained glass window inserts for your home or business or you need church stained glass or stained glass for your Orlando area university or college, the stained glass professionals at Stained Glass Inc. are here to assist you from design to ordering to installation.   

Listed as the 26th largest metropolitan area in the United States and Florida’s largest inland city, Orlando is home to major theme parks, conventions, and conferences. Beyond a favorite tourist location, the Orlando area offers a blend of history, including some of the oldest communities in Florida, with modern, carefully planned and developed urban and suburban areas.  This family-friendly area of Florida offers quiet, tree-lined streets and close-knit communities that are the idyllic setting for raising kids.

The Orlando area also appreciates the artistic beauty of fine stained glass art. In Winter Park, Florida, the Morse Museum features 19 galleries of stained glass artwork, including Tiffany stained glass lamps and Tiffany stained glass art panels as well as the Tiffany Chapel.  This love of stained glass carries over to the other areas in and around Winter Park, including many homes, colleges, business and churches that already incorporate stained glass to personalize their space.

College and University Stained Glass in Orlando

The city of Orlando and the surrounding areas, including Winter Park, Sanford, and Alamonte Springs, have numerous institutions of higher education, including University of Central Florida and Florida A&M University College of Law. These structures offer primarily modern architecture with some theological seminaries and state colleges providing historical architectural styles all of which can be highlighted with various stained glass components.

These sources of natural light, including stained glass window inserts, stained glass door inserts, stained glass dividers and partitions and stained glass domes, can brighten classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums and can be added without any construction or remodeling. These stained glass additions to an Orlando college or Orlando university can be custom made to reflect the school’s colors or have donor recognition panels added as a tribute to a major supporter of higher education.

Stained Glass in Orlando Homes

Historic Orlando is located near downtown, including Church Street, Garland Avenue, and Orange Avenue where some of the oldest homes in the area can be found. Lake Eola Heights and Thornton Park feature oak-lined brick streets where a blend of traditional and modern architecture can be enhanced with the colorful effects of decorative stained glass.  Beyond these historic neighborhoods is a mix of 115 neighborhoods that have developed, including master planned suburban areas like Winter Park.

Each neighborhood has its own style that can be touched with the stunning beauty of stained glass thanks to the bounteous sunshine found in the Sunshine State of Florida.  To bring the outside into your home, we have some unique features that can be added quite easily to homes without major construction or renovation work. These stained glass features can also be included in the design of a new build. Beyond stained glass windows and stained glass door inserts, some of our more unique offerings include stained glass domes, stained glass dividers and partitions, and stained glass gazebos.

Church Stained Glass for Orlando

Throughout all religious dominations in Orlando churches and Orlando synagogues, there are beautiful representations of faith interpreted through the fine art of stained glass.  At Stained Glass Inc. we have created and manufactured numerous religious stained glass designs for churches, seminaries, synagogues and religious schools in the Orlando area.  We have installed stained glass features and LED backlit stained glass artwork in all areas of churches, including prayer rooms, chapels, memorial rooms, choir rooms and Sunday school rooms as well as other applications for Orlando religious schools.

The Christian stained glass, Catholic stained glass, and Jewish stained glass have been made to fit existing structures as well as new construction projects that are seeking to enhance the exterior and interior beauty as well as add natural light to brighten spaces and improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their houses of worship. This is particularly important in Orlando where the climate can get hot and humid but where Stained Glass Inc. panels and inserts can reduce drafts and increase insulation to better regulate the internal environment for these churches.

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We serve the entire Orlando area, including Kissimmee, Sanford, Deltona, Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach. We are your source for stained glass art.  Contact Stained Glass Inc.  for more information on what we can custom create for your home, church, or business.  Our team of stained glass professionals is ready to get started on your Orlando, Florida stained glass project.